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Good Morning Church Family,

Happy Thanksgiving! Two more days and our American friends will be celebrating thanksgiving! I pray you all have a wonderful time, eating turkey and such, as well as taking a few moments to realize all that we have to be grateful for.
The BALCONY – We will open the balcony this coming Sunday. With social distancing, our sanctuary was nearly full on Sunday (83 people). We will continue to do all we can to provide a safe setting for you to attend the service.

Last week, I asked our neighbors, Ron & Ellen Wolfkill, if they’d participate in making a short video of why they appreciate San Carlos Community Church. On Sunday, we debuted their video during the worship part of the service. You can still catch the video on the church facebook Nov 22 Worship Service (at the 35:25 minute mark). These folks have been part of our church for 4-5 years now and what a treat to hear their stories. Not only were they grateful that our service was on facebook for the summer, but they were grateful for our ushers & greeters, our women’s bible study and the warmth of the place which they once again experienced on their return to SC. Ron talked about how the Lord directed him to restore a damaged relationship after one Sunday morning teaching. After their chat, he noted that it was instantly better. We have a great church family.

Maybe you’d like a turn? We’d love to make some more of these videos for Sunday mornings and I’d be glad to connect with you to do so if you’re in San Carlos. If you’re not in SC this winter, but would be willing to make a short 1-2 minute video of why you appreciate San Carlos Church, please respond to this email and I’ll help you get started. In fact, I’d love to show one of these videos every Sunday this winter. I know our congregation would be so grateful. You can record it on an iphone/android and we can provide you with a place to save it so we can download it for the church.

We also took a few moments on Sunday to pray for Terry Lynn Chalis and then Becky, Christie and Mark let us in that great anthem “I raise a Hallelujah”, a song which came out of the depths of the author’s heart as he cried out for the life of his friend’s two your old son, who they anticipated would not make it through the night. It was a touching moment. Another precious part of this story is that this anticipated prayer time was shared in advance on facebook by some of Terry Lynn’s friends, some of whom tuned in for this part of the service and maybe all of the service, we don’t know. But we pray the Lord encouraged many others as we lifted this need before Him.
My Mom’s recent experience. My Mom lives in a 12-14 suite apartment block and every suite, but one is occupied by a widow(er). With the lockdown, my Mom is limited to only one friend that she can visit with over the next month. The lockdown has been severe and it has created much loneliness. So the other day, this lone couple purchased a chicken dinner for each of these widows and placed it at the door of each of their apartments. What an act of kindness and love. My Mom was so thrilled.
Maybe its an idea you could employ here in San Carlos or any where else as well. I know there is a lot of discouraged people, but maybe you could encourage one of your neighbors in some way that would just make their day and cause them to be grateful for a wonderful neighbor. This is the time when we need to be people who bring joy (not complaints) into other people’s lives. Let them see the Jesus who lives in you.

School Backpacks: Art & Brenda Koenes are planning to load backpacks on Tuesday, December 8 @ 9am If you’d like to participate, please join us at the church.

­Prayer Concerns: Please join us in praying for these folks:
1. Pedro (Mayra’s Grandfather) is still intubated in Hermosillo hospital.
2. Terry Lynn Chalis, is in hospital in Tucson and is facing a serious health      situation.
3. Dennis & Genie Kontz in Phoenix – Dennis began chemo and radiation this week for an advanced lung cancer.
4. Harold & Patricia Renner – Patricia was put on a ventilator early Sunday morning. The Dr. believes she has covid even though tests are showing negative at this point.
5. Bob & Sue Marston recently moved off the farm and into town, While unpacking, Sue handled some heavy tasks which resulted in a crushed vertebrae and has spent the last week in hospital.
6. There are several other requests on our prayer wall. Please take note of these by going to our church website and clicking on the prayer Icon.

New Sermon Series – Life Lessons from Joseph – Looking for wisdom with the trials and temptations in your life? Last week, we saw Joseph model perfectly how to stand tall in the face of temptations and trials. Scripture is clear that we are called to flee temptation and resist trials / hardships. I wonder how often we get that backwards? We try to resist temptation and run from trials. Its in the trials that the Lord builds character in our lives and its when we flirt with temptation that we often fail. Joseph is inspirational in how he handled these two typical life challenges. You can watch the message on the church facebook or listen to it on our website. Click here for the video

If you’d like to prepare for next week’s message, we’ll be in Genesis 40 and I Cor 12. What can we learn about “dreaming?” Join us next Sunday @ 9:00 am, either in church or on facebook live.    

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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