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Good Morning Church family,

Holidays are pretty common around here when there is three countries represented in your church family. And yes, we got to partake in an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner once again this year. In spite of an extremely unusual year, we do still have so much to be grateful for. Most of the time, that gratitude is all about the people in our lives.

We opened the balcony for last Sunday, creating some more quality space to enhance the safety protocols we’ve got in place. It is so good to still be together with church family, while so many other churches have once again had to close because of the pandemic. We’ve had just over 80 folks at each of the services over the last two weeks.

We also have an extended church family this year that’s worshiping with us from a distance. And we just want you to know how grateful we are for each of you. Although we have no way of telling who or how many of you are watching through our “Facebook Live”, a number of you have made comments while the service is being aired. I love reading the “hellos and where you are” in the comment sections. We are so thankful that you can still be a part of the church family in this way.

Just recently, Jeannine and I were talking about how we could help the people in this extended congregation feel like they are still a part of our church family. And the idea of having folks create some videos came out of our conversation. We’re playing one of these videos every Sunday, during the worship time. We’ve shown two of them now. I’d love to be able to show one every Sunday for the next 3-4 months. What a treat to hear someone say hello, where they’re from and what they’ve appreciated about the church. Its such a neat way to stay a little more connected with each other.

I’ve previewed a few of these videos and you will notice a common denominator in them. I won’t let the “cat out of the bag” yet, but watch for what these folks so appreciate about our church family. It is totally inspirational.
     If you would like to put together a short 1-2 minute video and send it my way, the church family would be so grateful.  Keep it simple, have some fun with it and let’s stay connected.

Well last week, we got a call from Ron & Anna Garcia. He said, we’ve got someone you’ve got to meet and he left us with this mystery. Tuesday afternoon, we slipped over to their home and were introduced to a brand new, handsome little man named Archie! Three weeks old with a head of thick black hair, brown eyes, weighing in at 3 kilos and looking like a million bucks. Congratulations Ron & Anna, a great addition to his siblings – Aaron, Aiden and Ace.

On a sad note, Mayra’s Grandfather passed away early Friday morning. We are so sorry for this loss to your family, Mayra! One of the very special observations I made was all the tributes which have been shared on facebook. Your Grandfather’s love for Christ and his family is so evident. He has inspired you greatly and is truly a person who will live on in your memories for a long, long time. We rejoice for him, but we also hurt with you.

­Prayer Concerns: Please join us in praying for these folks:
1. I’ve recently been made aware of a number of our church family who have or have had covid back in their respective cities.  
2. Terry Lynn Chalis continues to need our prayers.  
3. Dennis Kontz in Phoenix – battling lung cancer.
4. Harold & Patricia Renner – Patricia is wrestling with a lung infection and remains on a on a ventilator.  
5. Christina Hoell’s daughter Michelle has reconstructive surgery this week.
6. Please watch the “Prayer Wall” for updates and additional prayer needs.

Sermon Series – Life Lessons from Joseph – Nothing but a Dreamer? was the question we reviewed on Sunday. Joseph, while having the gift of leadership and wisdom, also had the ability to understand and interpret the dreams that others experienced (Gen 37,40 & 41) But in the process of effectively using these gifts, the Lord took Joseph on a 20+ year journey of character development. At any time, he could have questioned what on earth was going on in his life. But he doesn’t. Rather than shaking his fist at God, he continues to trust and hope in his Lord’s leading. He never lost sight of the dream the Lord had given him. We see how through this journey of character development, Joseph brought glory to His God through the employment of his spiritual gifts.
     Joseph is a story about dreams. However, Jesus didn’t die on the cross to bless our dreams. He didn’t go through all he did, so you could live out your dreams. He came to give you a hope and a future and not to bless your dreams but to instill in you, His Dreams. The challenge for us is to be willing to explore the question, “what is it that God has put in you, what are the dreams he’s put in you for His glory? For His benefit? See the dreams God has put in us are never about our own greatness. They’re for His glory.
     You can watch the video message by clicking on the following link:

In you’d like to prepare for next week’s message, we’ll be in Genesis 41. What can we learn about “perspective?” Join us next Sunday @ 9:00 am, either in church or on facebook live. 

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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