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Good Morning church family,

We would all love for things to return to normal. I know I sure do! But in reality, this may  not happen any time soon. I received this podcast last week about returning to normal within our churches. Our church (SCCC) reopened three months ago and its still not “normal” or like it used to be. So what do we do with that? As I listened to this podcast from Thom Rainer, several leaders discussed six mistakes to avoid as your church regathers. ​ Avoid:

  1. Assuming that “normal” will return. 
  2. Neglecting community ministry and outreach.
  3. Talking more about problems than opportunities.
  4. Failing to seek outside perspectives.
  5. Failing to reach the digital mission field.
  6. Obsessing about non-returning members.
I think all of us are finding that our expectations and our hope to return to the way it used to be, with life in general, but especially with our church family, is not a present reality. Maybe my expectations are not what is critical. I don’t know what things will look like when this pandemic comes to an end, but I’m thinking my perspective is probably more critical than my expectations. See our Lord is not sitting up in heaven, wringing his hands in despair, wondering if He’s somehow lost control of this crazy world. He knows exactly what is going on and He still cares about us all. While things may or may not change as a result of the pandemic, God won’t be changing and I can continue to rest in that confidence.
            Then this morning, I received this email from the superintendent of the denomination with which I am credentialed as a Pastor:
     “We ask you to consider the following: Every pastor and church has the opportunity to be the voice of hope and peace in very troubling times. As you know, the gospel IS “good news,” and we can counter the flood of bad news by being heralds of the best news (Luke 2:10-11).
      These restrictions are temporary, so in the meantime, be salt & light, engage with community needs, evangelize the lost, and care for the broken-hearted. Churches should gather, but they should also scatter. This is an opportunity for the church to learn to flex its scattering muscles, which, for far too long, have been weak and atrophied.”
       I was glad to be reminded once again, about what really matters in life.

The Community Relief Program continues to operate from within our church. Mayra and team are presently preparing 40 “food relief packages” on a biweekly basis for individuals who have lost their income as a result of covid. So grateful that we partner with Castaway Kids and several other community organizations in response to this community need.

Guaymas Women’s Prison Ministry: We would like to bring some Christmas presents to the women in the prison. It will be a one bag (translucid cellophane paper) donation containing: a 1 liter shampoo bottle, a bar soap, a small bag of laundry detergent, a roll of toilet paper and one little thing like a chocolate or a pair of earrings, headbands etc.
     Money donations are welcome, even though we think it would be nicer if each person sets that gift bag. I believe there are around 28 inmates at the women section, maybe less. We need to have this gift, at the latest by December 15th.

Church Family Videos – We are loving these videos, most of which are coming from “our extended church family” , those unable to return to SC at this time. What a treat to hear someone say hello, where they’re from and what they’ve appreciated about the church. Its such a neat way to stay a little more connected with each other. If you would like to put together a short 1-2 minute video and send it my way, the church family would be so grateful. Keep it simple have some fun and let’s stay connected.

­Prayer Concerns: Please watch the “Prayer Wall” for updates and requests for prayer. If you have a concern, please feel free to add it to the list on our church website. Simply click on the “Prayer” Icon. 

Sermon Series – Life Lessons from Joseph – This past week Joseph interpreted two dreams for Pharoah, the result of which was seven years of prosperity, followed by seven years of severe famine. In life we also go through good times and “bad” and through Joseph’s actions, we learn that through the good times, we need to draw close to the Lord and getting to know him. When things are good, we tend to forget about Him. But if we’ve drawn close during the good times, we will be prepared for the tough times when they come. It will change our perspective as we go through them. Jesus said, in this world we will have troubles. Joseph teaches us how to have the right perspective when those troubles come.

     You can watch the video message by clicking on the following link  
In you’d like to prepare for next week’s message, we’ll be in Genesis 43-45. This week, Joseph puts his brothers through a test. Will they pass the test? What can I learn about passing tests in my life? Join us this coming Sunday @ 9:00 am, either in church or on facebook live.Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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