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Good Morning church family,

The more I hear from our friends to the North, the more I am grateful to be in San Carlos and the more I am grateful for how things continue in San Carlos. We hear very little about new covid cases in SC. Protocols are kept in place, much the same as in the North, restaurants continue with less tables than usual and with a real diligence to  accommodate safe distancing. However, it does feel like everything is running at 50% when it comes to the amount of people around town. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many bands or entertainment being advertised in the different restaurants for so many nights of the week! I guess that may be their way of trying to keep the folks coming during this unusual time. I’m sure it’s a tough survival game for many of them.
Church attendance is still around 80-85 on a Sunday, along with what seems to be a fairly significant audience via Facebook Live. We continue to do our best to include the “extended family” during our Sunday services. We sincerely miss all the folks who we usually spend our winters with. But this too will pass and we’re praying we still get to see many of you in the new year.
As a church leadership, we’ve already had several elder and deacon meetings, looking at plans for the coming year. By way of praise, we are grateful for your continuing financial support of the church. I believe we will close out the year in a good financial position. Somebody cheer, would you please? What a treat to be able to say that. Deacons will have a proposed 2021 budget in place by the end of the week for our review.
The Community Relief Program, in partnership with Castaway Kids and Co, will continue at least until the end of February. We continue to support 40 families on a biweekly basis from our church. There is also a significant, additional amount of “food relief packages” which are dispersed through the other organizations involved in this partnership.
Christmas Morning Service on Friday, Dec 25 @ 9:00 am.
Thank you for your positive support of the Guaymas Women’s Prison Ministry Christmas gift program. Gifts will be accepted until tomorrow (Wed) at the church.
Griefshare with Christie will return on Monday, Jan 18 @ 3:33 pm.
Bible Study with Pastor Chuck returns on Wed, Jan 20 @ 1:30 pm.
Study Info: “Parables of the Gospel of Mark: A Look at the Kingdom of God”. Lesson Purpose: “Mark is structured with the design to show us that the Kingdom of God is here. It is newly revealed and will overtake any existing Kingdom. These parable are progressive in that design. This study is to explore that design and the concept of the kingdom of God. It is my hope that this understanding of Kingdom will be an empowering hope in your daily life.” Pastor Chuck

In March, Pastor Chuck will continue with another study in either Joel or Jonah.
Youth Ministry continues under Pastor Mayra’s leadership, Fridays @ 5:00 pm.
After discussions, our Church Leadership Team is considering a “Pause Year” (other terminology may be used for this purpose). A Pause year would simply put a hold on elder/deacon elections for the coming year. It is virtually impossible to nominate, interview and do elections with all the considerations required with this smaller group in attendance. The Elders and Deacons would still be able to appoint a person to replace any elder or deacon who cannot continue in their role and the appointed person would fill the role until the next AGM and a return to normal elections.
On a sad note, we share that Patricia Gabell-Renner passed away last Saturday on her 76th birthday. Harold and Patricia were in Colorado where she suffered an auto immune disorder which resulted in a lung infection. We send our condolences to Harold and the family and pray you will sense God’s peace as you grieve this terrible loss. Hugs to you from your friends at SCCC.
Its good to see covid vaccinations begin across our continent. I am so grateful to see advances in this battle against covid. We are praying for an end which is now closer in sight.
Church Family Videos – If you were planning to send one to us, please proceed. If you need help, please respond to these emails. We’d love to see these “extended family” videos continue. If you would like to put together a short 1-2 minute video and send it my way, the church family would be so grateful. Keep it simple have some fun and let’s stay connected.
Sermon Series – Life Lessons from Joseph – This past week, we watched Joseph set up the perfect test to see if his brothers had really changed (Genesis 43-45). And they passed it wonderfully. The obnoxious Judah from ch. 38 had a brand new heart, even to the point of being willing to sacrifice his life for Benjamin’s. It’s a great story.
      The story continued. As Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, they began to see how Joseph’s dream had unfolded, how the imprisonment in Egypt had resulted in Joseph’s leadership, how the interpretation of Pharoah’s dreams resulted in an abundance and salvation from starvation for the Israelites. The tests the brothers faced revealed their heart changes. And at the end of it all, they all could all look in the rear view mirror and see how God had used this 20 year testing period to reveal His greatness and His faithfulness once again.
Sometimes in life, particularly when we’re facing an unclear future or facing discouraging situations, we also need to take time to look in our rearview mirror and be reminded of God’s faithfulness in our own lives.

     You can watch the video message by clicking on the following link:

Next Sunday, Pastor Chuck will help us get a fresh perspective from Mary’s life. Join us this coming Sunday @ 9:00 am, either in church or on facebook live.       

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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