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Good Morning Church family,

We are celebrating! Our children inherited a gene from their parents. It’s a “moving gene” of sorts and we are a scattered family (geographically scattered, lol) While they were all born in Winnipeg, they now reside in Vancouver & Abbotsford BC, Niagara Falls, ON and Melbourne, Australia, we seldom have the privilege of being together. However, after five years of not having any of our children be able to join us for Christmas, our son, Aubrey arrived late on Sunday evening from Vancouver. What an absolute treat to have him here until New Years.

While we may not often have children join us for Christmas, we do have a church family we are very grateful for and consequently, we have enjoyed many Christmas’s here because of that. As we come to the close of this unique and unusual year, where we are celebrating Christmas apart from the many of you who would usually be here, we continue to be grateful for all that you have added to our lives. We really have a blessed life. Several nights ago, as we sat around a dinner table with some friends, we once again heard another life story and we were reminded of all the stories we’ve been privileged to hear over these last years. We are a church family with a plethora of stories, both sad and joyful, disappointing and rejuvenating, I think that hearing those stories is one of the most enjoyable parts of our role in SC.

Beyond those stories, we have been given an opportunity to serve you in this wonderful country of Mexico and while we learn from your many experiences, you also allow us to impact you in the different ways that we are connected. That is a huge privilege. We are thankful for the pastoral team we get to work with in SC. As I reflect on the makeup of our team, I see how we each bring something different to the table, a diversity of experiences and backgrounds and each one of us is grateful for the opportunity we have here. As we met yesterday, I asked for their permission to share our gratitude for the opportunity you have provided us.

So on behalf of Chuck & Lynn, Mayra and Jeannine and I, we wish you a wonderful Christmas season. We pray that some of your longings will become realities this Christmas, but most of all we pray you will have a wonderful sense of God’s presence throughout this season.

Christmas Morning Service on Friday, Dec 25 @ 9:00 am. Along with a message on “When Christmas began”, we will get to see a Christmas video Mayra has been working on with her Youth and Kids. (Join us on Facebook Live or In Person at the Church)

Sunday Message: What do you do when things don’t go as you had expected? What is your response? Pastor Chuck led us through that very scenario on Sunday by looking at the life of Mary, a young lady who certainly did not have anything she had dreamed about, go her way. From an unplanned pregnancy, from the potential loss of a spouse due to this unexpected child, wedding plans rocked, to giving birth in a barn and unplanned move to Egypt – not nearly what she had dreamed about. The story of Mary is inspirational as she responds to the news of this impending birth with “may it be to me as you have spoken”. Try and explain that one to you parents! Maybe, like Mary, your life hasn’t gone as you expected either? There’s so much we can apply to our own lives as we follow Mary on this journey. Listen to the message in its entirety by clicking on the following link:

Next Sunday, we’ll return to the story of Joseph and we’ll look at the most relevant theme from Scripture, a theme we are individually confronted with in life – Forgiveness. We all need it. But one of the greatest misunderstandings of all time is the Process of Forgiveness. What are God’s expectations when we forgive? Ah just forget about it, right? Really? Joseph has got a lot to teach us when it comes to the process of forgiveness.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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