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Good Morning Church !                                                                                                Have you made a new year’s resolution? I did not. But I did decide to change a habit. My first coffee in the morning is spent in the Bible and prayer. I made the mistake one morning of looking at the news first. That was a bad idea, as it just started me off wrong. Then I am out for a walk. It is usually still a bit dark but my flashlight scares away the fears of what lays ahead.  It really is about getting the right focus in the morning! Now my shoes crunch along on the dirt on the road, and others are wondering what scary guy might be walking past their home. It is just me! I am not scary.

But we often are afraid of what we can’t see. We fear when we can’t see ahead. Often I walk and pray, perhaps I too am afraid? Walking and praying just seems natural. It helps me to focus my day. I have tried to focus on what may be coming this next year and praying about that. I don’t know if that is effective, but I have decided to turn this next year, it’s uncertainties and concerns, and just know Jesus has us here for a reason and we will serve the best we can. On one of those morning walks I felt the Lord was telling me that in regards to the next year and all its uncertainties, that I should just get up every day and do the right things. Simple. Wow God is so deep in his instructions.

Sermon Review: Stop Looking Back, Jesus, and Hummingbirds. Matthew 6:25-34

Here we are in a new year, 2021. It is really hard to reflect on 2020 and be positive. And we can let that be the directive for 2021 too. Our negativity from this past year can be the fuel to how we will project for this next year. That is not wise, nor is it healthy. I will choose to look back at this past year but I choose also to strain to look ahead with focus and good hope.

In July 1973 a rock band released an album on one of those flat, black oversized CD call a record. Grand Funk Railroad had a song on that album “Stop looking Back.” I wonder what was in the writers past that brought about that song? Regrets of life lived the wrong way is what I pick up. The writer was determined to move ahead.

Jesus collected 12 men who left much to follow him. I wonder how much they looked back? I wonder how much they wished for the ‘good old days’? And when Jesus was crucified and they feared for three days, wouldn’t it have been an interesting time to be the listening fly on the wall?

Since we put up some hummingbird feeders I have often sat outside and watched these little birds. They are really amusing. I named one. Two feeders and this one male sits on the top of one and has claimed it as his own. Sometimes he even chases birds off the feeder that is twenty feel away! Sometimes he sits on the back of the next chair, only a few feet away, and chatters at me. One morning when I was a little late he was hovering in mid air about four feet from my glass door, as if to say, “Where is my feeder? You are late!”  Then there are woodpeckers that chase the hummingbirds away and claim the feeders as their own. Then I chase them away. Then the hummingbirds come back and chatter at me. I wonder if it is gratitude or complaints about my care of them. Silly little birds! Don’t they know I will keep the feeders full, washed, guarded and in general protect the little birds in my care?

One day the Lord reminded me that I have a lot in common with the hummingbird. He reminded me of Matthew 6:26-27. Why do I worry? If I am so attentive to these little birds, how much more is God watching and providing for me? Why should I worry so much about my tomorrows? Today had enough worry and if none, why would I borrow worry for tomorrow?

Looking ahead is what GFR song said. And the scriptures tell me God will care for me. So as I look to 2021, I will be positive, hopefully, assured and resting!

Have a very good new year 2021, Pastor Chuck and Lynn

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