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Good Morning Church family,
Encouragement – something we all need, isn’t it? If there was an analogy, it might be one of  fueling your car with Premium gasoline. Everything about your car’s performance, efficiency, etc is enhanced by using Premium fuel. Encouragement is the fuel we so often need in life. I pray you have “service stations” in your life where you refuel with some “Premium fuel.” I know what it does in my own life, as I pray you do and I’m always grateful for those genuine moments that recharge my life. I received one of those encouraging emails this week from our good friend, Mark Mulligan. He writes:
             “Friends, for a couple months I’ve been asking you to keep the prayers going for friend and Castaway Kids President Terry Challis.  Thanks to your prayers even when it looked like all hope was lost, Terry has miraculously bounced back from her deathbed and is now OUT of the hospital! Even with the incredibly difficult challenges she now faces and knowing she is far from out of the woods, Terry’s spirits are high and she is grateful to all of you for those prayers!”
             If you’ll remember, it was back in November, when Mark led us in the worship song, “I Raise a Hallelujah” and then together with both our online and our in house church family, we prayed together asking for the Lord’s healing in her life. God invites us to bring our requests to Him, and you did. Yes, she still faces some huge challenges, but I’m not sure how many of us even remotely anticipated this amazing answer.
             If you remember the story behind the song Mark led us in, these parents had a child, who was on their deathbed, and there seemed to be no answer. A dear friend and song writer wrote this song, expressing the helplessness he felt in being able to change the situation for this child. Its an amazing song of worship, in which he confesses his ability to believe for the restoration of the child, but where he also gives the entire situation over to the Father God. And its in this “I raise a hallelujah” that he calls out to the Lord and the child is made whole and remains healthy to this day. What an encouragement.
             Maybe you need to connect with someone today, to be the “service station” they need, to put some “premium fuel” into their lives, if you would. Raise a Hallelujah with them, in the presence of their enemies (or their disappointments & struggles) and help them to focus on the Lord who does ALL things well.

The Women’s Bible Study starts on Wednesday. If you haven’t registered, I’m sure there will still be an opportunity to do so. Just meet them at the church at 10:30am. These intimate times we have in our small groups may become the very fuel you need as you connect with someone who cares about you.
Sunday’s Message: We finished our character study on Joseph this last week by focusing on “Purpose”. From Joseph’s life, we understand that there was a purpose for the struggles he went through, that God was building his character to prepare him to do the things God had planned for his life. Knowing we have a purpose will help us endure the trials, hardships and struggles we face in life. So purpose actually fuels our decisions when we understand that God is building our character. Once again, God works in us before He works through us.
             As we explored Joseph’s life, we observed four principles which help us to live our lives with purpose:

  1. Your life has a Purpose but its not about you!
  2. God controls your purpose. (It was God who sent me –45:5,7&8)
  3. We need to discover our gifts. (Rom 12:4-8)
  4. Your purpose is found through a surrendered heart.

             In Ephesians 2:10, we learn that we are the Lord’s Workmanship, His Masterpiece. He designed us to do works which He prepared in advance for us to do (again His purpose, not ours). And when, like Joseph, we understand that there are things God does in us, before He accomplishes His goals through us, it fuels our ability to trust Him through each step of our life’s journey. Catch the entire message on our Church facebook page.   

Next Sunday, we’ll explore why Christianity offers only one choice when it comes to choosing  a God. We’ll be in Acts 17, if you want to read ahead. Maybe you have a friend who would benefit from a study on making an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right God? Why not invite them to join you, either in person or via facebook live, this coming Sunday.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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