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Good Morning Church Family,

 As I get older, I realize how much younger our church is becoming. I’m sure that deep down, you fully understand this statement. I think most of us feel younger, think younger and even try to act younger than we really are. We are an interesting demographic. We’re even referred to, only occasionally I’m sure, as the “grey hairs”. Although I’m guessing its probably those with more limited amounts of this “top dressing” that would utter such comments! Regardless, we continue as the wise, distinguished and experienced generation who worship at San Carlos Community Church.

But I have great news for those of you who may have felt stereotyped by the above words. To see a number of children in church again on Sunday and knowing there are a number more who will return as soon as we can safely conduct our children’s church, adds incredibly to who we are. And then to hear our own Pastor Mayra share at Staff Meeting yesterday was so invigorating.

On at least a weekly basis, Mayra leads a rather eclectic group of young people from Guaymas, San Carlos and from our local orphanages. She shared how they are working through the book Romans (that’s pretty challenging in itself) as they read, study and apply these words to their own lives. They cook together, they eat together. Monopoly was the game of choice last Friday. I was reminded of former Monopoly battles within my own family with words like, “yes I love Jesus, but I want Boardwalk, so . . .!” Such fun. They hike together, ride bikes together and build each other up. Several of these youth are being trained to run the “Facebook Live” services in church. What a wonderful component of our church family.

With Selene’s return to help in her family’s church last summer, Mayra agreed to the additional role of leading our youth ministry until the end of 2020, allowing leadership to bridge the gap until we could fill that role. As a Leadership, we are thrilled to announce that Pastor Mayra has agreed to continue leading our youth ministry. We are so grateful.

Mayra wears a number of hats at SCCC, including Administrative Assistant. She has overseen  the Food Relief Program over the last 7-8 months, which we conducted in partnership with Castaway Kids, Rescate, et al. Her technical skill sets have allowed us to offer “Facebook Live” since April of 2020 and she has faithfully carried this load. As the need for the “Food Relief” Program diminishes, and as we feel safe to Restart the Children’s Ministry (under 12) she will once again be putting on this hat.  

We have many reasons to be grateful for the service of this gifted young lady. If you would, why not take a moment to thank her for her faithfulness. Email

Tomorrow (Wed) will be a huge ministry day for our church family, another opportunity for you to grow in your spiritual journey. Join in, grow and have fun:

9:00 am – Mountain Movers Prayer Group

10:30 am – The Women’s Bible Study has begun.

1:30 pm – Pastor Chuck begins a study from the Parables in Mark.

Each one of these groups has either a zoom or facebook options. Contact Mayra if you are interested in participating online.

Sunday’s Message: Paul made an interesting observation in Acts 17 as he observed the Buffet of gods that were visible in this city. On Sunday, we looked at different approaches we take toward God, sometimes very similar to how we approach a Buffet. We pick the things we like, bypass the things we don’t and end up creating a god from our own likes.

Paul challenged the Athenians to be wise in how they picked their god. In doing so, He defines the true God, His greatness, His Awareness (walked in our shoes), His unconditional love and His ability to change and transform us.  

We looked at a hypothetical discussion between God the Father and God the Holy Spirit as Jesus listened in. They began to discuss potential options which would restore the broken relationship mankind now had with the Father. Those options which included attending church, being kind, being generous, being sincere and being religious paled in light of the gift Jesus was being asked to provide through his own sacrificial death and resurrection. We saw how ludicrous it was to believe that one of those options could compare with what our Jesus did. There is clearly only one way for us to be forgiven and restored in our relationship with the Lord. Jesus is not one way of many ways, He is the only way for us to have that relationship. The challenge obviously is to pick the true God when we are picking a god.

Next Sunday, Pastor Chuck will guide us in our study in the Word.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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