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Good Morning Church family,
What a wonderful rain we had last week. It came down hard during the night. I’ve heard up to 1.5 inches in total. It was so needed and absolutely refreshing.
I am personally grateful that we are still able to have a public worship service at SCCC. Our Lord was so aware of the value of believers gathering together. There is a building up, a comradery that happens when our church family comes together for worship. As a leadership, we continue to strive to create a safe environment. We are grateful that those attending are willing to follow the safety protocols, established by the government for this season. A few weeks ago, we reset our seating in the sanctuary to allow for a more effective social distancing. This season will ultimately come to an end and we will all celebrate when that happens. In the meantime, let’s be aware of and respect the different ways people have chosen to respond to this difficult season.
Tax Receipts for your donations to SCCC in 2020 are now available.

  • American Donors: please email for your receipt.
  • Canadian Donors: your receipts will be sent to you from GCF Canada. 
We are so grateful that most of our weekly ministries are able to function in spite of the pandemic and that we are able to offer them within a safe environment at the church. However, the following events can also be accessed online should you choose to do so.  
  • Contact for online info
  • 9:00 am – Mountain Movers Prayer Group
  • 10:30 am – The Women’s Bible Study has begun.
  • 1:30 pm – Pastor Chuck “The Kingdom of God” (facebook)

 Sunday’s MessagePastor Chuck provided a review of his Sunday sermon:
     Simon the Zealot & Judas the Traitor John 6:48-71  NIV  note 67-71
I was actually in Mark 3:16-19 and I noticed that Simon the Zealot is always named next to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. I had to wonder why is Simon always listed last with Judas? Is there something to this association that we are suppose to pick up on?
              I studied a bit about Zealots and found more than my Sunday school class had taught me. These men were actually religious patriots of their country. They were fanatics about their faith and about their country Israel. I always thought they were just national terrorists of some sort! And then what about Judas? He was just greedy for money right? But as I studied about him it occurred to me that Judas was a fanatic too. He was a man who followed Jesus, because Jesus chose him, and he too had a political leaning maybe similar to Simon’s.
              We learn the most about Judas from John. A reading of John 6 is where we find Peter making the confession, Jesus “you are the Son of God.” Is that only what Peter believed or what about Matthew and James and Simon the Zealot and Judas? Did they too believe Jesus was the Son of God? What were their expectations of Jesus?
              And it is there that we can get stuck. What do we believe about the Son of God, Jesus? I think often we impose our own expectations and agenda upon our leaders and upon Jesus. Our worse sentence can be, “I thought Jesus would….” Then, when those expectations are not met we find ourselves discouraged and disillusioned about the leaders. And often too about Jesus! Did these 12 men have their own expectations about the Messiah Jesus? I am sure they did. Even in Peter’s confession, he may not have entirely understood yet what the Son of God was to do for him and for Israel. And that is where I think we find Judas and Simon the Zealot.
              Having imposed upon Jesus an agenda and expectation and then not satisfied that Jesus was the great warrior king who would make Israel great again, Judas betrayed Jesus. Judas first motivation may have been more political than greed of money. Perhaps the greed of money started to rise up with his discontentment about Jesus. Bitterness sets in and then Judas’ self sacrificial patriotism becomes self preservation. The man who was a fanatic about his country becomes all about himself. Judas changed the love of country for love of self.
              Simon the Zealot however made a change. He exchanged his views about how to move the cause forward, by staying as a faithful follower of Jesus. He exchanged his dagger for a cross and carried sacrifice of his agenda for the purposes Jesus had for his life. We never learn much about this man, but we will, as believers, meet him one day!
              In these times, we can find ourselves making the Judas mistake. We can be guilty of putting expectations upon our leaders and then becoming bitter when we think they fail us. We do it to Jesus, don’t we? We need to remember our mission. Jesus told us his was to offer the gift of salvation. And ours is to spread it as his witnesses.
              Therefore, we should declare that we will not allow our political passions to overpower our spiritual passions. We should declare that Satan is our enemy, not those people of other views and beliefs. We should declare to make disciples by our witness, of people regardless of their Left or Right leanings. We should declare Jesus is our King and Lord and we will trust him! After all, our citizenship is in heaven!
Next Sunday, we will take a look at the subject of healing. Can I expect God to heal me? Perhaps, more important to our faith journey, how can I experience God more deeply as I seek Him to bring healing into my life?  Luke 8:40-56 will be our text for this teaching time. Join us this Sunday as we explore our journey with Jesus and the things that attempt to impede our relationship with Him.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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