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Good Morning Church family,
One of many stories Jeannine and I get to hear from our SC Families:

Last Sunday, we said farewell to Anthony & Rena Emmanuel & their son Daniel. The Emmanuels moved to San Carlos on Christmas Day 2020 and immediately became a part of our church family. Jeannine and I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening with this family. Not only did we enjoy some incredible cuisine from Pakistan, we enjoyed an evening hearing about their faith journey and the many miracles they have seen as they have made their journey to Mexico.
While Anthony has been in business in LA for roughly 30 years, his bride of several years comes from Pakistan. In order to obtain the required documents she needed to come to Mexico, they spent two months in Istanbul, Turkey, than another month in Dubai, plus some short visits to several other countries, all in an effort to initially get to Mexico and a possible return to the USA. The requirements have been relentless, but as we listened, they joyfully shared how the Lord gave them favor upon favor as they sought to fulfill the demands.
This week, they move on to Hermosillo, to continue the paperwork, and to embark on a new business in that location. Their bold faith and entrepreneurial spirit is absolutely inspirational. We wish them all of God’s best as they settle in Hermosillo.

Only God could bring together a church with our diversity and unique backgrounds. Jeannine & I enjoy over and over, hearing your stories, stories that we don’t often have the liberty to share openly, but stories that are embedded deep in our hearts. They are stories that remind us how to pray for you when you come to our thoughts, some of your stories add inspiration to our lives and some of your stories simply cause us to be thankful to our Lord for all He does.
Sunday morning attendance for the last three weeks has been 101, 128 & 115 respectively. We are so grateful to be able to worship together and we’re also grateful for the ability to share our message across North America. Our new camera has enhanced our video. We still face the issue of poor internet, sometimes at our location and sometimes at the listener’s location. Many have shared that the video seems to work better after the service is over rather than watching it when it is live. Again, that may depend on your location, but it is an idea if you’ve been watching it “live” and have seen the video cut out too often.

Facebook does provide us with some interesting stats. The following is a list of our online audience’s location and the percentage of people who were watching from that location last Sunday.
Manitoba – 32.5%
Sonora – 17.8%
Alberta – 10.8%
Arizona – 10%
British Columbia – 5.7%
Washington – 4.65%
New Mexico – 3.9%
Idaho – 2.6%
Iowa –  1.8%
Texas – 1.8%
2020 Annual General Meeting Report (AGM) CLICK HERE – Please click on the link to access the 2020 AGM Report. It includes the: Pastor’s Report, Ministry Reports, Financial Report for 2020, the Proposed Budget for 2021, along with some Bylaw Revisions. We encourage you to read through the information presented and to please join us for the AGM. Printed reports will only be made available for those who request them in advance. The Annual General Meeting will be held February 25 @ 6:00 pm at the church.

Sunday’s Message Summary: “How Should a Christian navigate Politics?”

Qualifier: I do not think that our ultimate hope is in any party, in any person                  or in any platform.

Four Guidelines to Follow when Engaging Politically:
1. Be Responsible in your culture. Rom 13:1-7
• In the world, but not of the world (John 17)
• Jesus sends us into the world as sheep amongst wolves.

2. Be prayerful for your country & your leaders. I Timothy 2:2
• When was the last time you prayed for your nation?
• Remember, the King’s heart is in the hands of the Lord (Prov 21:1)

3. Be careful as you consider the political choices you make. Titus 3:9-10
• Politics and laws can accomplish a lot of good things, but they will never change the person’s heart.
• You will be disappointed if you put all of your hope in the political systems of this world!

4. Be hopeful of your future. Phil 3:20
• We’re here for a lifetime, but we’re not here for all time.
• God rules the universe with His feet up!
Summary: One of the great tragedies of Jesus church today is we have lost our ability and our authority to be an influence on those around us. We have lost it because we have divided & aligned ourselves with the politics of this world. We have forgotten that as a follower of Jesus, we belong to a different kingdom. And as we observed in the Super Bowl illustration, instead of operating as a third team, with the power and allegiance to a whole different king and kingdom, we have often taken sides with one of the two teams that are fighting and playing against each other on the field. Believers have, at times, allowed political allegiance to override their allegiance to the one kingdom that really matters – the kingdom of God. God has no allegiance to any political party. His allegiance is to His Truth, to His Word, to His principles. As followers of JC, you represent his kingdom in whatever political capacity you choose to position yourself with.
Next Sunday – Valentine’s Sunday with Pastor Chuck
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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