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Good Morning Church,

We have so missed the many events which typically happen around and about San Carlos. No “cow plop bingo”, no Rotary home tour, no Malecon events, but It sounds like the Rescate Market is making its return. And hey, Mark Mulligan is back at La Palapa on March 19th. I don’t know what happened to the golfers lately? Haven’t seen one in the early morning for several weeks. You’ve got to look a little harder, but there’s still lots to do around town.
              Last evening, we went to a meeting of the San Carlos Foundation. They are the folks who help beautify our community and they’ve done some pretty neat things around town with the boulevards, new signs, bus stops & more and they have plans for much more. The pictures revealed much of their progress and makes one appreciate the heart of our community. It’s a great community to live in.

Being a part of SCCC also makes this a great community. David & Stacey and their two children joined us for the first time last Sunday, Virginia and Alice recently started attending, Gail joined us for the first time, Jesus and 3 of his friends from Guaymas were at the service, Paul & Shannon and Gary & Mary have been with us for a month now – what an inspiration to see new folks check out the church!
               I received some very encouraging feedback this week from one of our online families – “Good Morning Glenn… For the past several weeks we have been listening every Sunday morning to your live services and it is fantastic that we can feel a part of your Church family again!  Your sermon this morning was particularly relevant to me, and I thank you for that!  God willing next year we will be back down to San Carlos, and visiting live on Sunday morning!  Hope this finds you and Jeannine both happy and healthy . . . Take care my friend, LK”           Got to love stuff like this!

Just a reminder that our Annual General Meeting is happening Thursday at 6:00 pm right at the church. I would really encourage you to attend if you consider SCCC your church home when you are in SC. It’s a great time to hear about who we are, to ask your questions and to fellowship with our church family. The Annual Report can be seen by clicking on this link: CLICK HEREPrinted reports will only be made available for those who request them in advance. We’d love to have you join us.

Next Wednesday @ 1:30 pm (March 3, not tomorrow) Pastor Chuck begins a new study on the book of Jonah.  

Please note: The Ladies Bible study completed last Wednesday. I’ve heard such positive feedback from different ladies who attended during these past weeks. Way to go ladies. This has certainly been an inspirational time for you all.

Next Sunday’s Message: What does the Bible say about the “grey areas” of life? Or we could go with the title, “Margaritas, Marijuana and God’s Word.” Whatever title you prefer is fine, but Lord willing, we will explore the “grey areas”. How do we determine “what’s okay for me?”

Sunday’s Message Summary: “Can I lose my salvation?” was the focus of this week’s message. I wonder sometimes if our questions miss the whole point of Jesus’ teachings. We can debate and discuss the virtues of Calvinism or Arminianism; did Jesus choose you or did you choose Jesus? In the end does it really matter? Like I shared, in our church, you can play on either team.
              After defining salvation, the basis for salvation (faith) and the process of salvation – I am saved (justification), I am being saved (sanctification) and I will be saved (glorification), we recognize that we still wrestle with sin, even as believers (Paul – Romans 7:18-20). Its that process of “being saved” which sometimes can cause us to wonder if I’m really saved. However, the moment you ask God to forgive you, and the moment you put your faith in Jesus as your savior, is the moment you secure eternal life for yourself.
              Yet, we sometimes doubt our salvation cause we still sin – but if you are truly saved, you will move more and more away from sin and more and more toward Jesus. I am or I should be becoming more like Jesus, but we will wrestle with sin until we are glorified, until we meet Jesus.
              Which brings us to the truly important question, “when I sin, does it bother me?” I would respond, if my sin doesn’t bother me, that’s a much greater concern. But if it bothers me, it reveals the Holy Spirit is alive and well and bringing conviction (not condemnation, but conviction – Romans 8:1) to my life. Jesus desires me to become more and more like Him and when I respond to His conviction, I move toward Jesus. When I don’t respond to His conviction, I find myself drifting away from Him.      
               We need to understand that our salvation is secure as long as we’re seeking to honor and love and follow our Savior. We can be confident that when He saves us, we are truly and completely secure in Him. Yet, our salvation is not so secure that we can’t choose to succumb to sin in our life, turn our back on the grace of Jesus & walk away from Him.
               The challenge we are left with is, “are we responding to the Holy Spirit’s conviction as He lovingly draws us into a closer walk with Him?” Am I becoming more like Jesus?

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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