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Good Morning Church,

There were 28 Spanish speaking people who stood to their feet in church on Sunday as the worship team rolled out an older hymn which fit in so well with our sermon theme of heaven. Becki set it up for the Spanish speakers to stand while they sang the first verse of “When the Roll is called up Yonder’ in Spanish and then the English speakers stood up to sing the next verse in English. If you didn’t see it, there is a short portion of it that was recorded and can be viewed on the church’s facebook site. We concluded the service with the same song, this time our folks added a little more life to it. You can view it on our church facebook. 
Our First Time Guests: We are grateful for guests and want them to feel welcome. So each guest receives a gift packet with a “Response Card” they can fill out. In turn, we send them a welcome note, along with some other words of encouragement. Many of them respond to our emails/texts. Here’s a response from this past week:
             “You are so sweet, thank you!  We thoroughly enjoyed the service!  We are hoping to spend several months here a year and will definitely be back. Thank you for being so welcoming! We are looking forward to giving back to the community when we are here.  Love to cook and would love to be able to provide for others. Thank you sincerely for the warm welcome. See you again soon!” M&W

More often than not, I hear these words from our guests -“I felt so welcome.” Hats off to you all for making people feel at home wherever they are at in this journey of life. When we can create a warm and friendly environment, we may be removing the very obsticle that would keep them from coming back and growing in their understanding of who Jesus is. 
Please Pray for Marco Torres – Marco is the young man who helped Mayra teach Children’s Church for a number of years in SC. He has helped with a number of our youth events, has worked with Art & Brenda. He is a wonderful servant of the Lord. Recently Marco was diagnosed with an aggressive Leukemia. He is presently undergoing an aggressive chemo regime. The hospital in Obregon is in need of blood platelets for Marco. He is only 22 years of age. His family has undergone numerous personal expenses in finally arriving at this diagnosis. Please pray for this very concerned family and for Marco’s complete healing.

The Leadership, both elders and deacons, have meetings this Thursday. A Portion of those meetings will be discussing the details of the Pastoral Transition process. Please pray for these leaders as they look at next steps for SCCC. I would ask that you pray for each of them, support and encourage them as they pursue future direction of our church.

Next Sunday’s Message: What would you say to a drowning man?
Sunday’s Message Summary: “What’s the Deal with Heaven?” We began with the question – I can’t get excited about heaven because ________ ? You get to fill in the blank. There are many reasons I’m sure. In defining heaven, we are left with little specific information. Paul so appropriately wrote, “no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Clarity regarding heaven has been somewhat limited.
     However, John does give us some general insight in the book of Revelation as he is given a vision from God about heaven. While we are never discouraged from having nice things here on earth, by the time we finish reading 21:1-4, we realize that anything we have on earth is simply a sliver, a glimpse of the goodness which is yet to come. As we fleshed out those verses, we seemed to see more about what wouldn’t be in heaven that we presently face on earth. Firstly, it will be a new heaven and a new earth, but secondly it will be a place free of “death, mourning, crying or pain.” There is so much being said in that very statement.
     And finally, we will live in the very presence of Jesus. Yes we have that here, but still with so many limitations. Then it will truly be face to face. And when we see Him face to face, everything will become incredibly clear. It will be the most radical life altering moment we’ve ever had. When we see Him, we will finally get it. We will totally get it. We will understand all those non-understandable things we have seen on this present earth. And we will “get it”. What you have “never imagined will become a present reality.” Heaven is our home and we have every reason to be excited about our final home address.    
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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