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Good Morning Friends, 
65 – just a number, right? Well, it was my number yesterday. My Mom sent me an email early yesterday informing me we are in the same club now. What club, I asked. The “Senior’s Club” Yes my Mom and I are now both Seniors. But I joyfully join this club of experienced sojourners.

However, I did look in the mirror just to make sure there were no drastic overnight changes and almost disappointingly, no more furrows of wisdom had appeared. Hair was still as intact as it was the day before, teeth remained tight, font size didn’t need to be changed (at least not from the font I was using the day before), voice unchanged. After trimming a few nose hairs, I realized not much was different. I think this might be a good year to join this new community of 65+.

In fact, your overwhelming response to my new membership in this prestigious grouping of friends was inspirational. So I thank you for the many birthday wishes and kind words I received. It was very encouraging, and I am so grateful.

Pastoral Transition: The elders have asked me to share with you that they will announce the process and next steps regarding the Pastoral transition at the March 28 worship service.

Prayers Needed: Jose Luis, one of the teachers at CEC (the bible school) has become very sick and is in need of our prayers.

Next Sunday: Pastor Chuck will be sharing the Message.

Sunday’s Message Summary: “What do you say to a Drowning Man?” The truth is that everything a drowning man needs to hear relates entirely to what a person who doesn’t yet know Jesus needs to hear. Paul reinforces this as he speaks to the 273 passengers on the “sinking” ship they are on in Acts 27.

When we share our faith with those who are drowning, we need to be:
1. Relevant – talk to where people are not, meet them at their point of need
2. Positive – confidence and hope is what believers can offer, not condemnation
3. Personal – sharing God’s faithfulness from personal experience
4. Inclusive – we’re all in the same boat, we all need Christ, all need forgiveness
5. Confident – I believe what Jesus says, faith isn’t a bunch of maybes

One of the greatest ways of caring for people “who are sinking” is to pray for them. As Jesus did with Bartimaeus, what would you like me to do for you, we can be as real with our unsaved friends, ask them what they would like Jesus to do for them and then simply pray for them. Walk with them, talk with them, be relevant and positive. Share how God has been faithful in your personal life. We all wrestle with stuff in life. Be inclusive and be confident about the faith you have in Jesus Christ. We know because we believe in Him. What He says is yes and amen. I trust Him.

We all have friends, family, neighbors or co-workers who are “sinking”. What could you say to them? Today?

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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