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Good Morning Church,

Spring is in the air, its been so beautifully warm the last few days. What a treat. Our orange tree has such a sweet fragrance as its almost fully in bloom. The mandarin has more flowers on it than I’ve seen in the past few years. While my tomato plants have disappointed me all season, I have watched the volunteer tomato plants begin their distinguished career in the compost pile and in the gravel covered areas of our yard. Yesterday, I found another one in a rock pile that surrounds one of my cactuses. I fertilize, I weed, I water and God gives the increase to the volunteer plants in the rock pile. Humm, not sure about this gardening stuff! But now, the test – Stephen Musser brought several of his potted tomato plants to our home for my personal care, while he returns to the USA for a month. What they look like when Stephen returns is an ominous thought. Will they survive? Maybe I’ll place the pots among the rocks . . . Oh, the pressure! I will keep you informed.

So much fun to have Mark Mulligan back in town last Friday to do one show at La Palapa. We’ve missed seeing him on a regular basis this winter and he was as enjoyable as he always is. Had almost as many of our church people there as we did in church on Sunday, well not quite, but it was good to see so many of you out and about.

Good Friday” Service – Friday, Apr 2 @ 9:00 am – This is going to be another great day as we will get to hear from three of our church family. Denver Janz, Betty Graham and Bryan White will each be sharing a little of their spiritual journey at our Good Friday service. We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) as part of our service. You won’t want to miss this.

Easter Sunday – Easter morning service @ 9:00am. Bring a friend, an acquaintance or a neighbor along as we speak about turning setbacks into comebacks. It might just be a timely message your friend could use. The service will also be available on facebook live.

Children’s Church – We are hoping to see our Children’s Church return as soon as is safely possible. We will only do so when the state refulations allow us to do so. We wuld however, appreciate the feedback of our children’s parents and caregivers. Mayra will be connecting with you n the next few weeks to receive your feedback regarding this ministry.

Prayers Needed:
1. Jose Luis, one of the teachers at CEC (the bible school) has become very sick              and is in need of our prayers.
2. Marco Torres is still in Obregon undergoing chemo.

Sunday’s Message Summary: “Long Walk” (Review by Pastor Chuck)
It was a motorcycle ride and I met a young man named Justin. He loved motorcycles and his girlfriend. We soon became friends. Over time I shared Jesus with him and he decided to give his life to Jesus. He has done a fine job of living that out. Then I learned he liked archery. I had just taken up archery myself and he became my instructor. On some of our visits I was teaching him about the Bible and developing his relationship with Jesus, and sometimes he was the teacher on archery. We spent many hours together going down the road of life.

We were exchanging roles in the relationship of teacher and student. Justin was willing not to just encounter Jesus but to live in active obedience with him. We were disciples of Jesus following down the road together. And I was his disciple learning archery.

Matthew 28:19 is known as the Great Commission. “Go and make disciples” As I studied this and other verses about discipling I saw it was an active on going process. Not as in making one after another like some disciple making factory, but more of disciple molding. The process of disciple making is not a one-time event. It is a long time process.

To use a Scripture out of context, (Matt. 5:41) the challenge is, are you willing to go the extra mile in disciple making? Are you ready to walk the long road of teaching and caring for another? Disciple making is a process of living life together.

A popular church growth plan is the three B’s. Belong, Believe, Behave. It is a plan of Inclusion! Letting people into the inner circle of my life. Can they Belong in your life? As they live life with you, that person will Believe as you do. And soon Behave as you do. It is the mark of successful disciple making.

The plan here is to always be ready to be a learner and to be discipled. We should also be ready to be the teacher; to be the disciple maker. To make this happen we have to look around and follow our heart to see who God is drawing us to. We then need to be the disciple maker who is ready for the long walk with another in this road if life.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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