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Good Morning Church,

It was a pretty quiet weekend in San Carlos, “Semana Santa” and all. While there were some activities, it was not at all what we have become used to. Remember the rows of police/military that used to dawn Beltrones, well this year, only a few were visible. Anyway, all is well, other than a few “beer can” infestations on some rental properties.

But church was powerful this week. Our Good Friday speakers each shared from entirely different perspectives and each of them left us with something to take home. Thank you, Denver, Betty & Brian! Larry K tells me there were 78 at the Good Friday service and 142 at the Easter Sunday service. So both events were exceptional, attendance wise. Worship was spectacular with perfect songs for each event. One lady shared how she had hoped to hear the “Old Rugged Cross” on Friday and she did. Sunday’s “At the cross” brought us into a place of worship prior to the message on Sunday.  Here’s the words of just the chorus – “At the cross, at the cross, I surrender my life, I’m in awe of You, I’m in awe of You. Where Your love ran red And my sin washed white, I owe all to You, I owe all to You Jesus” I’m so grateful for our team and the choices they make in preparation for each Sunday.

We had some guests in attendance once again, even my San Carlos body guard (sorry, inside joke) and his lady friend joined us for church. So glad you joined us!

Another gentleman, who has been visiting our church for the last few weeks, told me of a powerful experience he’d had just over a month ago. He shared with me how he had led his lady in the sinner’s prayer just 2 days prior to her passing. It was so special to him that they had been able to converse and it resulted in her accepting Christ as Savior.

Mike Potts (Alaska), former missionary to Mongolia and his grandson joined us for worship. Mike used to be a part of our church before moving on to greener pastures.

In January, our leadership discussed ways to support students attending CEC. They agreed to set aside a combined total of 1000 USD to present to one or more students to help in covering their expenses as they pursue the ministry God has given them. We will present this gift to the student(s) on Sunday, April 18 during the morning service. Its so good that our church can help them in this small way.

Please Note: – Pastor Chuck is on holidays for the month of Aril and will return to serve our church family in May.

The following is an email we received from our missionary, Ken VK this week, paying their respects to Jose Luis and his family. Ken wrote it so well, I chose to share it:

Dear Friends, Family and Prayer Supporters,
              Some of you have been aware and praying for a dear Christian brother, a teacher at the Bible College here in San Carlos.  Jose Luis has taught the Mexican students year after year. He along with his wife have been instrumental in leading the students at CEC – Centro Educativo Cristiano l- to understand the Scriptures better and challenge them to go out and teach the word.
              Jose passed away peacefully at home this past week.  Pray for his wife and family as they grieve the loss of their Dad.  Their daughter, Edith,  a nurse has attended our training for missionary candidates and now works at a local Christian orphanage with her husband Miguel, also one of our  former students of “The BondServant Project.”  Jose Luis’s mother passed away about a month and a half ago.  Soon after, Jose and his brother became sick. They both passed away.  Now a couple of days ago, his sister passed away.   We can’t say for sure it was COVID as the testing here in Mexico is so expensive, but due to the symptoms, this was probably the case.
              COVID is still wreaking havoc on families in Latin America!!!  Many Mexican pastors have lost their lives due to limited finances and having to continue ministering in spite of health problems.
              PLEASE pray for the students and staff at the Bible College as they process their grief and feel the lack of a gifted Bible teacher.  They have continued to meet and had to stay quarantined together for much of the time.  Fortunately no one else has come down with the disease due to their being careful with social distancing and the use of masks.   Pray that they are able to finish well as they attend classes through the end of April here in Sonora. Ken VK

Opportunities to Pray:  Marco Torres is home from Obregon hospital. His platelet counts were much higher than they had been, allowing him to spend some time at home. He is in good spirits. He will begin a second regime of chemo in 10 days. Marco and his family are so grateful for your prayers and support. 

Sunday’s Message Summary: Easter – If Jesus defeated death, then there is nothing, no dark thing in your heart that He is not able to defeat! John 11 tells the story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus. We all face different setbacks in life, just as Martha did. Its through Martha’s experience that we learn several steps which can help turn our setback into a comeback.

Five Steps which can turn our setbacks into a comeback.
1. Acknowledge your setback. (11:19)
2. Get close to Christ. (11:20)
3. Tell Him your stuff. (11:21)
4. Learn who the Lord is. (11:24)
5. Boldly believe and receive Jesus Christ. (11:27)

Because Christ came back from the dead, He can turn your setback into a comeback! The message can be seen on our church facebook or you can listen to the audio on our church website.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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