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Good Day to You. Meanwhile in San Carlos; weekends are busy with tourists. I think the neighbouring cities must breath out as the cities empty into S.C. The streets on the weekend are so busy. If I want to go to a beach on the weekend to sit alone, you need to find a far distant shore.

Twenty-two children on Sunday. It seemed like a flash mob when they came to the front for prayer. And I have found out that a lady gave her life to Jesus, and I wasn’t told! So that is two salvations to celebrate July 4th. Next month we hope to have another baptism. That is three sentences and they all relate. Read on!

The children become an amazing illustration of faith. They dash up front and squeeze in beside me. The one child has claimed a place right in front. I think she has figured out we are on camera! They really don’t know me. They may know my first name. But otherwise they just know I am a pastor and I suspect they have engaged their faith. I see in these children a wonderful illustration about us. We miss so much as adults. Sometimes I just don’t want to grow up, ah, but too late.

Jesus says we are to come to him as little children. I am excited to think of the day, when I can rush up to Jesus and squeeze in beside him to have some words with him?  Matthew 18:1-4 seems to be Jesus showing the faith children have and when it comes to Jesus we are to be that way too. We find in John 3 this man Nicodemus coming to Jesus and engaging in a discussion about being “born-again.” While we maybe familiar with that term, Nicodemus was not.

Evidently Nicodemus was going to work through all the physic problems of this ‘born -again’ but also that he had position in the community that he was concerned about. Nicodemus was getting in his own way!

Sometimes we let our preconceived theology and logics get in the way. Sure, we should reason it through, but somewhere we just need to take a faith step into salvation, such as the two women on July 4 did at SCCC!

Baptism! An outward sign of an inward change. An outward declaration of an inward confession of heart and spirit. Jesus says we must be born of the water. Jesus was not necessarily saying that we need to be baptized, at least not in this context. Think of who he was speaking to. He was talking to Nicodemus, a Jewish religious leader of the Pharisees. A man well versed in his Hebrew Bible. I would suggest that Nicodemus reflected on the words of Ezekiel 36:24-27. There is a clear message of being washed and cleansed in heart and spirit; of receiving a new heart and a new spirit.

When you are born-again, you DO receive a new heart and a new spirit. Oh I love watching lives transformed.

Next Sunday; Difficult saying of Jesus. “Unpardonable Sin.”  Mark 3:28-30

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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