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Good Day to You. I really like parties and Sunday’s. Generally, just gathering with friends. And Sunday church is like that. A time to gather with friends and we worship Jesus together.

This Sunday I made new friends. We had several guests! One couple just bought a new house in SC. Another couple came to visit family in SC. Another lady came from Vietnam to Canada to SC and is presently in a boat in the marina. She came to visit our church.

One long time member of our church has a wife who needs round the clock care. There is always care givers in his home for her. He is one of those people who is not shy about his faith. After many discussions the one nurse decided to come to church. It was Communion Sunday and we offered people the opportunity to know Jesus as your Saviour as we served Communion.

On the veranda after church I met with her and welcomed her to church. She said, “I said that little prayer that you gave us. I decided to follow Jesus.” I asked her, “How do you feel now?” It was a question just to open more discussion and not really about feelings. She started to think and puzzle and then in a moment she started to tell of her feelings. But she didn’t get very far and she started to weep. I offered to pray with her and one of the translators from our church stepped up and started to translate.  Now a few people have gathered and the lady is not weeping, she is just crying! But it was crying in joy and the sense that she was free! We were all happy for her. Her employer, our dear man from our church who brought her, was grinning away under his white beard. It was a veranda celebration. Bring on the cookies!

My message Sunday was “Blessed are you when you are poor in spirit. For yours is the kingdom of God. Blessed are you when you are hungry, for you will be satisfied.”  I suspect now her spirit is rich and overflowing. I believe that where she had a hunger for the things of God she is now satisfied. Imagine this, this lady said the ‘little prayer’ to accept Jesus as her Saviour and then partook of the Lord’s Table with the church. Angels must have been singing!

This is what church is about. Go to church! Encounter God and fellowship amongst people who worship Jesus and study the Bible. Oh, I love Sunday. Where are those cookies?

  • Next Sunday; Difficult saying of Jesus. John 3:3 “unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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