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Good Day to You. Baptisms! Yes we had 4 of our youth baptized. And 4 others from another church, Manantial de Vida Iglesia, that Pastor Mayra’s mother, Bernabe is the pastor of. The photos and a video are on the facebook page. And we will be loading more pictures.


It was a real celebration. I was so honoured to be able to baptize these people and that Pastora Bernabe trusted me with her church family. I think it speaks that we are all seeing ourselves as the same family! We will be having another baptism in August. We will keep you posted on that too.

This Sunday we explored the saying, “Let the dead bury the dead.” I laboured over this just to try to really understand Luke 9:60 to MY satisfaction. There are actually three statements in a row. One is before and he is volunteering to follow Jesus. And the other is after, who is also a volunteer. But the reply in verse 60 is to a man who is called of God and then wants to delay responding to the call of Jesus, so that he can go bury the dead! That does not seem like an unreasonable request. But Jesus’ reply to the delay is really hard to understand. Just let the guy go and bury his father. Maybe later he will catch up?

And there is the problem. Too often we want to tend to all the other affairs of life before we go and follow Jesus. Or we figure we have so much of our lives we need to sort out from our past or present. May I quote myself from Sunday?

“Perhaps it is time to let your past be past and move on to what God has created you for? Do not live in the prison of your past.

I don’t know why you’re still living and letting a fight that happened years and years ago touch you this way today? Don’t you think it’s time to let the dead bury the dead?

In this sentence, it’s clear that the phrase is being used to forget what happened a long time ago and to move on—to not let the past stand in the way of the future.

Or another example: You’re just making excuses for not going to church, sister. The laundry and other chores can wait. Let the dead bury the dead. I can’t go to church, I have to go shopping! That is really let the affairs of this world control your spiritual life!”

We are called of God to be about his work. Not fussing over ‘stuff’ as much as we do!  We let so much get in the way of higher work! Let the people of the world fuss over their scraps, we have good news to share. Let them bicker and fuss. Let them talk continuously about covid, we have HOPE to share. Stop delaying the call of God on your life. Step into the future God has and step out of the past, letting the dead of the past bury the dead.

Maybe I will figure this through some more, but I think I have a good grasp of it. I may continue to brew on this and attack it more next year

Next Sunday; Difficult saying of Jesus. “Blessed are the Poor.” Luke 6:20.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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