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Good Morning to You. Red sunset last evening and red sunrise this morning. A sign of something for sure. Signs signify what is this, that or next. Some signs we can easily understand. Some signs, well we just can’t really grasp the meaning without someone to teach us the meaning.

A birthday on a calendar is a sign. Another year older and just a bit wiser. But also, a sign that it is time for a party. It was a time of eating and drinking. We had such a party. I was up until 10:30! People came and brought food and we ate and visited. just to celebrate a birthday. The best part was the people. Being in the company of one another and laughing. Some were inside, and some were outside, but we were together. And that is what mattered. It was community.

We laughed together, ate food together, consumed a cake together. We even played pool in the pastor’s house! And oh the selfies and pictures and videos. You would think someone was getting married! But it was just a celebration of joy of the company of about 25 people.

Another gathering is recorded in John 6. Jesus fed 5000 or more people with just five loaves and two fish. Later came a challenge to partake of Him. Jesus spoke of Manna from heaven and about true bread from heaven, He told them he was this true bread and they would have to eat and drink of him! The picture language he used was so graphic some were offended and walked away. But the 12, they stayed and followed Jesus. Their reply was, “Lord to whom else do we go? You have the words of eternal life.” I am sure they did not grasp what it was Jesus was teaching them about partaking of Him until much later.

We are not just to be imitators of Jesus, we are to partake of Him to ourselves. We are to put ourselves aside and be only Jesus in and through us. Anything else is less than! Another way I may this is, I am in San Carlos Community Church, because I choose to be a member here and be in the community of the church. That is why I will thrive and enjoy the gatherings we have together. Then we are the body of Jesus and are able to work out what it is to partake of one another and be the church.

Together we will examine who Jesus is and how we can be in Him and He in us. Because first we are in the church and the church is us. We partake of one another. And so the celebrations are even more vibrant, as we share one another, in the relationship we share in common with Jesus.

Next Sunday  “Cut off your Hand and Poke out your Eye” Mark 9:43-47

Blessings, Pastor Chuck

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