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Good Day to You, It was Mother’s Day. How did you celebrate it? I took my wife out for supper. And I phoned my mother Barbara in Ontario. The Sunday before was Children’s Day in Mexico. Here they use everything for a celebration! So this Sunday we did something a little different. We celebrated Mother’s Day at the church by bringing the children to the front and prayed a blessing over them.

The Mother’s Day Message was along the line of hating your mother! The sermon was about the difficult saying of Jesus and we examined why would Jesus tell us to hate father and mother and brothers and sisters and even our own life. Isn’t Jesus about love? Doesn’t that saying from Luke 14:26 contradict his other teachings? It sure does.

But it is a language trick that we even use today. You state something and over emphasize it to make a point. Our love for Jesus needs to be so strong that it makes everything else ‘look like’ hate. An example, did you know black is not black? When you compare black against black, some blacks look more gray or deep blue. You have seen this. Love for Jesus and love for mother should be different shades of the same, but with love for Jesus being so much that it makes love of mother look pale in comparison.

Jesus was using a language trick to make a point. What is the point of this? Who do I love the most, Jesus or my family? Can I be His disciple if I love my family more than Jesus? Can I be His disciple if I love anything more than Him? What is your answer? Your truthful answer reals what you value the most.

Starting May 19, we are beginning a study, “Revisiting Joel.” This time our study in Joel is about the words of prophesy in the book, while last time we looked at Joel as an example of how to study prophesy. So much so that some questions came up about the end times and harbingers, that seem to be in Joel, and yet we just skipped out looking at it as prophesy. This time around we will look more at just “what” the book “says.” If you want to join us on line or want the notes, then just email the church office. After Joel, we are going to study Joshua as an example of victory in living in Christ.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

Next Sunday “Difficult saying of Jesus, First will be Last/Last will be First”

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