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Good Morning to You, it is about the people. Our first visit here in February 2019 we saw the people of SCCC and felt like we had found our home church. It was just so far away! 2500 miles is what we learned was the driving distance. But after retiring, the first time in 2016, we had not found a church we felt was home. SCCC seemed to be the place.

And now as I get to know you all better, and as I work with the staff and listen to the practice of the worship team, I just know we are where we are to be. Meanwhile in other places, we think about what is taking place and we just go and pray lots. In my praying I believe that the work of God will turn our nations around and we will see waves of revival after (how many?) waves of virus.

Some people want to go back to church, but governments refuse them the opportunity to worship together. Some people stopped going to church during lockdowns and now just don’t return to church. Some now have every opportunity to go to church now and don’t. Some would be envious of you who have the freedom to go to church but don’t while they are denied.

Church is not what you can get out of it as an event, it is your presence that makes it the church. It is not about me and a worship team. It is about a gathering to worship with each other as a church. While many Christians around the world are denied opportunities like collective worship, use yours.

This Sunday was Pentecost Sunday. It was and is a collective gathering of worship. Look what happened. It was this marvelous example of Acts 2 ‘tongues’ manifestation that I see. You should understand, tongues was the unifying event of the Day of Pentecost. 16 nations gathered in one room praying in their different ethnic and national languages and then all of a suddenly a sound like wind, fire dancing on their heads and everyone is praying out loud and prophesying and understanding each other. “How is it I understand you?” That was the question of the day. It was because God gave them a unity in tongues!

But what do we do? We use the manifestation of tongues to divide and split and argue. We reverse the work of God back to Genesis 11, the Tower of Babel! Shame on us for taking a unifying manifestation and causing division with it.

Please bear with me, Christianity was and is not a belief system that is specific to one people group. It is for everyone. I can be Mexican, Latin American, Americano, Canadian eh, or British or even Jewish and receive God. I can be a believer and yet uniquely within my culture still be a Christian . Tongues, was a sign of …. the unity that God expected in the church.

Here in SCCC we speak three languages. Spanish, English and variations of both. (my Spanlish etc.) Under the banner of love for Jesus we drop our diversity and unify together and sing, worship and pray, each in our language that we know, to speak to Jesus.

Next Sunday “Turn the Other Cheek” Matt. 5:39

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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Opportunities to Pray:      Marco Torres. At every opportunity, pray for Marcos

Happenin’ this week @ SCCC
Wed @ 9:00 am – Mountain Mover’s Prayer @ church           

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Thur @ 8:30 am – Men’s Breakfast, & Prayer time at Tortuga’s
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