Pastor’s Desk #33

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October 14, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,
* Wow – If you’re not back here yet, you need to get on down here! The Church is buzzing – a number of people back this last Sunday. The response to the worship was incredible. Danielle took her turn at a solo, singing “Oceans”, an amazing newer worship song. But for those of you who think this is only an “older” church community, and we do love our Seniors, we were also blessed with 23 children in Mayra’s Children’s Church and another 9 in the Nursery on Sunday! They tell me the “roof” is being raised into place this week as well. What a huge part that is in bringing us closer to completion. The new sanctuary floor is already tiled as are the adjacent rooms. We do still need some chairs for those of you who don’t want to sit on the floor, but I trust that will happen! 
* We’re starting to get a good response to the BackPack Ministry. A number of items have been dropped off. Please see the list which was attached to last week’s Pastors Desk if you’d like to provide something which is still needed to fill the packs. Please keep Brenda or myself up to speed with what you are bringing, so that we can continue to update you all with what is still needed.

*  We received an email from Chuck and Nancy this last week. While we were expecing them to return this week, Chuck suddenly was faced with another surgery which will keep them from returning as quick as they had hoped. The surgery went well from what I understand, but the healing could be a longer process and Nancy also requires further check ups in January. Chuck has been an Elder of elders and a huge encouragment to me personally. I value his input and will miss both their presence here. Please pray for a speedy recovery for him and strength for both of them as they follow our Lord. 

* A whirlwind kind of weekend – After the service Sunday, Jeannine and I, along with Howard, Ryan and Katie made the trip down to Arizpe to celebrate Benito’s one Year Anniversary of serving as Pastor in their respective church. Many of you have heard of the Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Center and Church Benny oversees. Another amazing drive through the Sierra’s, following the Rio Sonora. The service began at 4pm, Benny spoke, in Spanish, but his animation and the laughter drew us in, while Ryan translated portions of his message. Love these Mexican celebrations though, always followed by a Mexican Dish and “Postries”.

* Hector joined us at our table for dinner and shared his story with us. A former Cartel member whose life has been devastated by his part in that. Last year his 22 year old son was killed. His other two sons are in jail long term for “enforcing”. And Hector was involved just as deeply. Two months ago, he realized his need for change and through Benny, gave his heart to the Lord. It was such a sweet time getting to know this broken man whose heart is being restored. I noticed another younger man, fully participating in the worship time, only to find out later, he had been the town hoodlum, always involved in fights, creating fear and chaos, etc. Again, through the church’s involvement in his life, he accepted the Lord into his life just 6 months ago and was recently baptized. His Father in law, also accepted the Lord within this last week. What an amazing day to see God’s hand at work in Arizpe.

* Last evening, through the inspiration of a conversation at Men’s Breakfast, Kurt Grimm led a group of 7-8 of the men, along with some friends from another church and school staff, in a clean up of our local Middle School. With picking up garbage, cutting down and burning dead trees, painting, weed wacking and a little gardening, the place was amazingly transformed in several hours of our time. Way to go Kurt. Way to go Men! As a church, we can make a positive impact in our community.

* Pictures of both Arizpe and the Men’s Group at work are loaded on my Facebook Page. Men at work, yes and actual proof in Pictures!
Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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