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October 28, 2014 
Hello SCCC Family,
* San Carlos is getting busier, more restaurants opening up again, the Edge is still serving amazing tacos for 12 pesos every Tuesday night, former Evies now has a “Asian Restaurant”, and others are reopening after a summer break. Its great, what is life without food!!!

* A great weekend with another gentleman giving his heart to the Lord at last Sunday’s service. This coming Sunday is “Child Dedication” Sunday with three families each dedicating their children to the Lord. We have opened the door for a potential Baptism service and are inviting folks who have not followed the Lord in baptism since making Jesus their Savior to consider doing so. So if that’s you, this could be your time. Please email or talk to me personally as this is such an important step of obedience in your journey with Jesus.

* People continue to return and the church is almost full. Its amazing and fun to see, think and dream about what God will be doing through the family of SCCC. I personally love it.

* Hiram and Marcela had a wonderful day last Saturday as they were united in marriage at SCCC. The different Mexican traditions used in a wedding ceremony are so relevant and so encouraging. It was a treat to watch them make their commitments to each other. 

* Last February, I shared with you how our vison for the future included building a stronger, more supportive connection between the local missions we support and the church family. We hoped to put someone in place to liason between the ministries and SCCC and to have that person bring options for us to partner with those ministries in practical ways. So your opportunity may be just around the corner. I praise God for the concept of retirement (for others, not me) but imagine using one or two days of your retirement each week to be a blessing at one of our supported ministries. As I shared in last Sunday’s message, we don’t serve God in these ways to somehow merit our salvation. But out of a “love response” to Jesus, this is a great way to honor Him. Watch for more exciting news on this front.

* Devon and Marisol are in the heat of “construction”, with the cistern and the front wall now complete. The project is taking shape and looks really good. Lots of pictures on their facebook sites (“Belen casa de Pan” or “Devon Kehler”). Its such a treat for us as a church to be in on the ground floor of this new developing ministry.

* Received a great email this week from a family in Portland who are coming with their 3 young children to spend January and February in San Carlos. They attend a great church that I am familiar with, a church with an amazing missions program. Their question was “what can we bring and how can we help?” They’ve never been here before and yet that was their question. We are so blessed with good people with hearts like that.

* Oh yes – the roof is UP! Pictures on my facebook page show the process. It looks incredible. We were at Jack and Judy’s (Loma del Mar) yesterday afternoon and from their vantage point, the roof structure stands tall and looks sharp. Jack was wondering if we could put in a Zip line from his home to the church – looks like a perfect fit and would be a great way for the Loma people to get to the church very economically. Any donations will be gratefully declined, but you gotta dream, don’t you? I did have this mental image though of John New utilizing this zipline, gracefully landing on the platform, hands symmetrically elevated, as he raised his voice in worship. (FYI – Some of the items included in this last paragraph may have been slightly embellished.)

* Prayers – Would you continue to remember the folks from SCCC in your prayers? Chuck Dreiling is recovering, but things are moving slowly. Please pray for a speedy recovery for him. Pat Peterson will continue with 5 months of radiation. They will remain in Florida for this time. Alex Echeribel’s brother in law passed away on the weekend and they are back with family.

* Spanish Classes – I only had two responses to the offer to host “Group Spanish” Classes in our church last week. In order to get this deal, we would need a minimum of 10 people who are able to take the classes at the same time. Once again, the cost for 3 hours of instruction per week (2 classes of 1.5 hours each): for 10 students – 40. USD / month per student; and if we had 20 students, it would be reduced to 32. USD per month per student. Please reply to this email if this would be of interest to you. We would also need to know which months you would be available to participate.

* Well, I got more to say, but the page is full, so you’ll have to wait till next week. In the meantime, if you’re returning, “happy trails”. If you’re already here or if you’ve been here all summer, think about the goodness and the love of our God this week as you care for someone in our community.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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