Pastor’s Desk #38

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November 18, 2014 

Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Many of you have been praying for Ien Katchmar (Tom & Carla’s little man) who was in Hermosillo hospital with Bronchial-pneumonia. He was one of the children we dedicated recently. He has responded well to treatment and if everything went well yesterday, he will be released. Tom & Carla were so grateful for your prayers.

* Your response to the message on healing last Sunday still overwhelms me. What happened can only be attributed to the work of the Holy Spirit in each of our hearts and to see the front of the church filled with people praying for and being prayed for must have been absolutely precious in the eyes of our Lord. I was in awe as I watched the hand of our Lord at work in our church family.
If you have a story of how God answered your prayer last Sunday, I would love to hear about it.

* The “house” (the church) was packed once again on Sunday. When the front pews are full, you know the house is full. So grateful for you brave souls that risk being picked on by the pastor. But my promise to leave the front 4 rows in peace (no teasing) stands until the new “ministry center” is complete. People returning, guests checking out the place, children all over, even some teens lurking around, young familes, older families – yea God! Let this be one of the places where you continue to touch, change and transform lives.

* In light of the full house, we will return to two similar services on the Nov 29-30 weekend. The additional service will be hosted Saturday evenings at 5pm.

Twenty two men at Men’s Breakfast last Thursday. So good to see men hungry to discover how God has wired them to impact the people within their sphere of influence. Steve McLean continues to do an amazing job of guiding our mornings out. See you guys on Thursday at 8:30am at Tequila’s.

* Praise the Lord as Mayra has had some response to her need for additional helpers in the Children’s Church. Our own Danielle Eisele, taught the class for the first time last Sunday. This young lady loves the Lord and did a great job, I’m told. We’re hoping that in several weeks, you will get to hear these kids reciting the books of the Bible which they are memorizing. Talk to Mayra, if you have a passion to be a part of the team that is influencing our children for Christ.

* The new chairs for the sanctuary have been shipped and will be in Nogales this week. If you’d like to have a guaranteed place to sit in the new “ministry center”, you can now purchase your own chair! Well sort of – 38 of these chairs have already been paid for through your generosity, but if you could help with a financial gift to cover the cost of (or partial cost of) the remaining 112 chairs, that would be wonderful and appreciated. Each chair costs 68.00 USD. Consider how you could help!

* As I mentioned last week, Katie Kirk is still in need of a Fridge, Stove, Washer and Dryer as she returns to her home which had been so badly damaged by fire.  

* Thanks to Lynne and a whole bunch of you for organizing, setting up, cleaning up after the potluck last Thursday. Its such good fun and fellowship around the tables. Jeannine and I got to meet a number of guests, who joined us because of your invitations. What a treat.

* Please drop of your “Back Pack” contributions at the Church kitchen as soon as possible. They will be packed on Monday, Dec 8th.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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