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November 25, 2014 
Good Morning SCCC Family,        

* Another packed service. I keep meeting more new or returning people. Wow, try to remember all these names! But its wonderful to see people gathered for worship. And this Saturday, we begin a “Saturday Night” Service (5:00 pm) as well. Please note that Children’s Church is still “Sunday Only”. We will offer the Saturday Evening Service, at least until the new “Ministry Center” is completed and will determine next steps at that time. I am so thankful for the three worship teams who will be serving us this winter. Each team will be on for the entire weekend, but of course will now only need to serve every third weekend. Please pray for Ryan, Justin and John, who are the respective leaders of these worship teams.

* Here’s just one of the reports about Children’s Church that I get to receive every week from Mayra. “On our 4th week of Gratitude we learned that God wants us to celebrate all of the things that He’s done for us! God gave His people, the Israelites, seven celebrations. Exodus 23:14-19. When we celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter with our family, we should think about all the things that God has done in our life and in the lives of your family and friends, and thank God that we can trust Him no matter what!
            We reviewed the books of the Bible until Song of Songs, we sang and prayed. The kids left with homework to do, and the memory work is the Major Prophets (Isaiah to Daniel), so if you could invite the parents to encourage their kids to do their memory work and the Take Home Page (God time), that would be great. Danielle, Mark and Oliver were helping and we had 20 kids!” Thank you Mayra and Team for ministering to our kids!

* What a huge treat to have a team of 15 volunteers from Carman Manitoba with us last Sunday. These folks are from the first church I had the privilege of serving. They arrived Sat at 2:00 am and were participating at the Guaymas feeding program for the Homeless by 9am the next morning and then off to Devon and Marisol Kehler’s (Belen Casa de Pan) to continue with the construction work there. Tonight we get to host the team for dinner at our house. So glad to see you all serving our Lord in this very special way!

* Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Friends who will be celebrating this Thursday. Don’t feel bad if you’re not an American, just be thankful too! And if you can get in on one of those big birds with a deliciously stuffed interior, you’ve got even more reason to be thankful! Enjoy your day, be blessed and be thankful. Its another great day in San Carlos.

* Ever made “Pinatas?” This Saturday at 1:00pm @ the church, Diane Ellison and team are making pinatas for Maggie and King’s Kids. If you have extra newspapers, “cereal box” type cardboard, or even extra candies, they’d appreciate you dropping them off at the church. You’re invited to help if you’d like to bless these kids with a piñata experience this Christmas! All creative hands and minds welcome. Need more info, contact Diane at

* The “honey mooners” are back. Welcome home Hiram & Marcela! Our Mexican friends sure know how to celebrate in style and this Saturday 6:00pm, Hiram & Marcela are hosting Part 2 of their wedding ceremony with a potluck celebration at Villas California Palapa (6pm). Evening includes the g Omar music, Mariachi, cake & drinks. For more info, contact Marcela at

* So good to see Ien Katchmar in church (and healthy again) last Sunday!
* Howard Losey is going through some “health” tests again. Please pray for him.
* I’ve heard of a number of others fighting off some “cold/flu” issues as well.

* Katie Kirk has now received a Fridge, Stove and Microwave. She could still use a good washer and dryer if you have one available. Thanks for blessing and caring for Katie. Its so appreciated.

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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