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Good Morning Church Family,

Okay folks, the signs of winter are upon us. Mark Mulligan had his “Welcome Back” San Carlos presentation last week at La Palapa. The place was packed. Sadly, we could only stay for a small portion of the evening, but you all know what this means – its time to load up the car and point it southward, cause everything but the temperature, is starting to warm up in SC.

Its been a great week here in SC. Temperatures are just right every morning and it gets a little cozy by mid afternoon. People are starting to return. I think roughly 95 adults in church on Sunday, along with another 15 kids. Ministry leaders are talking start up dates. You can begin to sense the excitement around church and the community.

Baptism – What a special day as we watched Cheryl Greenleaf get baptized. You may have to listen to Sunday’s message online to understand her comment – “I want to shine brighter and burn hotter” and her desire was clear as she followed the Lord in baptism. It was a really special day for her and Dusty and for all of us in the church family.

“I Love my Church” workday – Tuesday, Nov 13 at the church – There is half dozen little jobs, or jobs that would become very little with your help. We’re going to recover about 30 chairs, re hang the sound baffles in the old sanctuary, caulk some doors, a bit of cleanup, etc. Would you come help “love your church” on that Tuesday?

Back Pack materials are starting to come in. If you’d like to participate, we are looking for some school supplies to fill these backpacks. You can drop them off with Mayra at the church.

Catherine Gibson emailed last week with two new movies which she has purchased (Spanish subs as well) Jeannine and I watched both of them this past summer – excellent story lines with a powerful message. We’ll figure out the dates when she gets back, but we will show one of these before Christmas.

Women’s Bible Study begins tomorrow (Wednesdays @ 10am) with a look at the Feasts of the Old Testament. Sam Nadler narrates this video study and with his Jewish heritage, makes it both informative and applicable. Do you have a friend who might enjoy this study? Why not ask them to join you!

CoDA is back for another season with “Mac” at the helm. It begins Nov 5 at the church. Maybe this is your year to participate in this meaningful study.

I did want to take a few moments to update you on some of the current happenings with our church family. Each of these folks would so value our prayers and support: 

  1. Jerry Lebo’s hip replacement surgery went very well. In fact, I’m told he was standing beside his bed, eating ice cream before the day was over. His rehab has gone well and we are expecting him back in SC this afternoon. What an answer to prayer!
  2. Ethel Dafoe has another test on October 29 to determine next steps with her cancer treatment. We’re praying it goes well and that we’ll see them in early November in SC.
  3. Jack Frost – Jack has lost the feeling in his hand recently and had surgery on that hand yesterday (Monday).
  4. Frank Stoaks – after 2 months in Tucson, it looks like Frank may be coming home this week. His ankle is healing well and he’s down to walking with a boot on his foot.
  5. Chuck & Carol Morton are both facing ongoing health issues. Chuck took a nasty fall last week, landing on his chest and has had ongoing pain. Please pray for them both as their journey has just been really heavy as of late. 

Have an extra Love Seat sized couch? – You will enjoy the presence of Selene Diaz, our new Youth Director. She has dived right in, is studying English in a Guaymas college every Saturday, involved in worship and our youth. We are so grateful to have her on the team. I saw her office the other day and I know she would appreciate some furnishings in her office. If you have a love seat which is no longer needed and is in good condition, please talk to Selene or myself.

We’re in a series talking about what it will take to change a world, which at times seems to be failing miserably. Whether its political, moral, ethical corruption or some form of violence, you may, like me, sometimes wonder if this world is ever going to get any better. When Jesus spoke his most notable message from the Mount, he was addressing a rag-tag group of people who had similar concerns about their world. His response to them – “You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world.” In other words, how we (His followers) live out our faith will help preserve our world from self-destruction! While grace and mercy are an incredible gift which all believers receive at salvation, we also have received a responsibility to live out a “salty” life, a life which will preserve the message Jesus shared that day. The Question we’re left with is, “What is different about the way I live out my life within my community?” “What makes my life salty? We will conclude the series next week by looking at what it means to “be the light of the world.”

Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn y Jeannine

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