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December 23, 2014 
Merry Christmas SCCC Family and Friends,      

* Once again – we had guests and friends in the house (SCCC) for one of the finest Christmas presentations I’ve seen – a blend of new Christmas music, focused on “Emmanuel, God with Us”, along with some traditional, wonderfully presented by young folks and by the older, the story retold by well prepared readers – such a refreshing rendition of the Christmas experience. It’s a treat to see folks take the time to make it so special. Thanks Ryan and Justin for putting it all together. Thanks to all who participated.

* Trust most of your plans are in place for Christmas – dinners, friends and times of celebration. Last year, so many of you stayed in SC for Christmas and this year, it seemed that so many were going back North. But we still had over 200 at our weekend services.

* Events continue in every direction – its impossible for us to be at all of them and we keep hearing about more of them. But my hat is off to the many of you who continue to serve our Lord, presenting not only gifts with meaning, but offering many more acts of kindness in the name of our Lord. Many of the over 500 backpacks have already been delivered. On Sunday afternoon, we got to watch the program prepared for the parents of the children who participate in Belen Casa de Pan’s Ministry Program. Energy, oh my goodness, there is energy at these places, each of the approx. 80 children also received a backpack before engaging in a scrumptious turkey dinner at the church.

* Friday, we were out at Jesse & Jennie’s for a “Posada” (hope I got that right). A huge team from WA, many of whom are first generation from Russia and Ukraine, who spent 50 hours on a Greyhound to get here, served close to 200 children and parents. Games, candy floss, pinatas made by folks from our church, trampolines, bouncy castles, Great music and the Gospel. What a way to serve our community!

* Brian Craig and Bob Mettlewsky got back late last night from a trip South (2-3 hours one way) to deliver more backpacks, through a local pastor who was now able to bless the children in their community. Job Sierra also took 60 packs to several communities near Navajoa, again extremely needy folks, but we recently heard of 3 in one community and 2 in another of those communities that Job serves, giving their hearts to Christ. Jorge and Angelica (from the Bible School) took another bunch of backpacks to Guaymas Norte the other night where they serve 60+ children 2x per week and it just goes on and on folks! There is a spirit of love and giving in the air and its all presented in combination with the Gospel.

* Rescate had some clothing left over after their giant fundraiser a few weeks ago which they graciously shared with us. Jeannine and I were able to bring it over to Jeff and Bee’s this week. Along with the shoes donated at SCCC, we filled the entire pickup box with pants, shirts, sweaters and shoes for use at the “Dream Center” in Guaymas. There are up to 200 homeless men who come to the train station every Saturday for food and the Gospel, who will now also receive some warm clothing and footwear.

* There was another trip to the mountains this last week as well and Rob Kehler will be sharing one particular story in church this Sunday (28th). Its one of those must hear stories where things didn’t go the way it was planned, but because of God, it turned out better! Remember no service this Sat, the 27th, but come hear Rob at the Sunday service.

* Jen Scapinello is doing much better and was even involved in ministry again after having all the symptoms of Dengue fever last weekend. Thanks for your prayers and concern.

* There are many more stories to retell. This is only a sampling and we have no idea of all that happens through SCCC, through the surrounding ministries and through individuals themselves. All we know for certain is that these folks are making a difference in our part of the world and we simply love to see it happen.

* On a personal note – Jeannine and I have had an incredible year in San Carlos. We celebrated one year of service here on November 1. Its really been a whirlwind. We have so enjoyed our church, our community and our new friends. We’ve met so many people, we’ve heard so many stories (spiritual and/or other life stuff) from those we’ve met, both in the church and outside of the church, we’ve seen some people come to know Christ in the services, seen life changes in people as they responded to the messages, seen some healing in ministry relationships, we’ve seen people empowered for service in the church, new worship teams, new mission liaison just getting off the ground, we’ve personally connected with most of our missionaries, watched our Children’s church grow (39 kids in both groups two weeks ago), 3 new teen guys showed up in Children’s Church last weekend, is it time for a Jr. Youth Program?, played countless games of “hoof and mouth”, watched the new Ministry center taking shape – looks like the roof will be on for the new Year (well maybe), we’ve seen ministry happening all around us (and have tried to share it in this venue, through the church and through facebook). We’ve had visits from friends in Puerto Vallarta and Canada. We had all our family here with us last Christmas and we once again, have our second son, Aubrey with us this year. My Mom and Jeannine’s sister joined us last spring. We bought our first Mexican home, imported our vehicle, Sonora plates and Driver license, bought Mexican health insurance and now have a brand new three year temporary residence status for each of us. We’ve been buried under “administration” issues both in and for the church and personally, which although it eventually all gets done, does seem to take a little more effort here. But the tradeoff is the warmth and love we continue to experience here in our Mexican community. It really is an awesome place to live in and to be a part of. I think what I’m trying to say, and I say it on behalf of my bride and myself, is that we simply couldn’t be in a better place. We have sensed God’s presence over and over and believe with all our hearts, this is where He would have us for “such a time as this”. We are blessed and so with that – From our home to yours – We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas, a special Christmas season and all of God’s best as you begin another year!  

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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