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December 30, 2014 
Good Morning and Happy New Year,        

* I was saying hello to some of the guests at the Christmas Day service and this lady introduced herself with “we’re the people that come on Christmas and Easter.” Well her husband quickly corrected her with, “no honey, we come for funerals and weddings as well.” I was so encouraged to see God provide another opportunity for them to hear the story of why Jesus came at Christmas. I didn’t get to see them after the service, but what if it is one more step in their journey to connecting with our Lord. John told me after the service, that there was 136 in church on Christmas Day, the most he’s seen and many of them guests. I sometimes wonder what God is up to and who else He nudged that He wanted to be there? Wouldn’t it be neat to know His plans in advance sometimes? Probably not, because we’d just mess it up. All we’re called to do is be faithful – “may it be to me as you have said.”

* Two ministry teams (from Manitoba again, folks) in church on Sunday. Now this was a treat as I met Nathaniel and Jerry-Ann. Nathan is the 13 year old son of Mel & Jerry-Ann. I think I dedicated him in the Carman church, if I remember right. Then I met my cousin, Gerald Friesen’s daughter who was along with the team. Next was the Spenst family who make the best “farmer sausage” in the world. As I shared that little nugget with him, he responded quickly, that God had given him the opportunity to serve Him through their business. That was his highlight – sausage was just the means to a greater end. I love hearing those kinds of stories. I don’t know all the things these folks will be doing, but I know they will be serving at various indigenous churches and ministries. So grateful that God touches hearts in this way.

Its almost over – 2014 that is! I don’t know if you make resolutions or not. I know for those that do, they don’t often stay with those resolutions very long. And yet, as we looked at Mary’s words last Sunday, my prayer is that we’d consider using her words as our resolution, as our purpose statement, for 2015, “May it be to me as you have said.” Imagine with me the influence we’d have on those around us if we’d listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives and if we’d follow through doing the very things He challenges us to do. The amazing thing about Mary is that, even though she probably was a 14-15 year old girl, she was willing to risk so much of her future to be obedient to God’s calling. And even more amazing is the fact that God trusted her to carry this “Christ child.” And just as amazing is the fact that He trusts you and I with the message of His Gospel. The question is will you trust Him to help you deliver this message in ways you may never have anticipated in 2015? Will you trust Him with the opportunities and challenges He brings to you this coming year? He trusts you and me to do it? How will I respond to His promptings?

* I don’t know what we’d of done without Buck and Di at the Sunday service. I watched them “team usher” and fill every gap in the church! I don’t think there was 5 seats left. We’re back to two services again next weekend (Sat @ 5 and Sun @ 9) and trusting God to continue touching people’s lives as we enter 2015. Its a wonderful problem when the church is full and its really no problem at all. Thank you Jesus for stirring people’s hearts. 

* Good to see Ray & Sharilyn back after their “event” in Tucson. Pray for Sharilyn’s recovery.

* Pastor Alfredo (Juan Carlos’ pastor) is still in need of healing after their vehicle accident.

* Beginner “Spanish” Classes are starting up at the Church, Friday, Jan 9 from 4-6 pm. Classes are offered on a donation basis. This is a great way for you to pick up some conversational Spanish to better communicate with our Mexican friends.

* The “edifice” is almost covered. Only five trusses left to cover as of last night and only a few bricks left to complete the far “gable end”. Folks – its happening and its exciting to see the lid closing up! So exciting to see the “ministry center” coming to completion.

* Although we’ve got many of your pictures up on our church website, we’ve had a number of folks ask for a digital or written phone and email directory. We had not included this in the church photo directory for privacy reasons. This weekend, (during the services) we will be sending around a template where you can add your name, email and the phone number you use while here. If you are not here this weekend, you can also email it to us by clicking reply to this email and responding with your information. Once compiled, we’ll print some hard copies for those who don’t have computers and we’ll send a digital copy to those that do. With your determined help, we can rather simply put this into your hands.

* From our home to yours, Jeannine and I want to say thank you for all the ways you cared for and blessed us this Christmas. It is encouraging and we are grateful. We feel so honored to be able to serve you, the family and friends of San Carlos Community Church. We wish each of you a wonderful new year. We pray your year is full of opportunities to see God at work in your lives. I don’t pray for challenging times, but I know we will once again all have them, so we pray that you will see His hand at work in every one of the good and even in the not so good events in your life. May you know Him in an even greater way when you come to the end of 2015. God’s best to each of you!

Enjoy your journey with Jesus,
Glenn y Jeannine

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