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Having a good day! This Sunday was the first ‘Cookie Sunday’ since (forever it seems) March 2020! Is it really that long ago? The hospitality team did set up on the church veranda with self serve tables spaced apart. It was great fun. I even ate a few! The next one is in two weeks. I love the time. Not really about the cookies, but more about the visits. Then after church nine of us went for brunch. Another good time. It is hard to be slim and all your fellowship centers around food! I guess you have to just talk more to burn off the calories.

And thinking of brunch, for two weeks we have put a star on the prize bulletin. The idea being that the person with the star bulletin wins a prize. No one has claimed it so the prize pot grows. You just have to pick up an announcement bulletin when you come to church and see if you get the star. Oh and read the announcements.

This coming Sunday there will be a table in the foye after service. Stop by and see. We are looking for people to fill some opportunities to serve the Lord. Do you want to step up for Jesus? Of course you do, so check out the table on Sunday.

Coming up this Sunday our youth group has a special song to present. We also have a special Christmas Eve service at 9 a.m. at the church. Some people are prepared for stories about their Christmas’s. Come with some expectations and be ready to share with one another. Then we meet again on Sunday December 26. I have a story about some wise men from the east to share. But maybe not as you are thinking now.

At Christmas time we think more of families. The need seems even greater at this time of year. When we are far from home, we choose family to include and share life with. My wife is great at adopting people as her family. She also makes up greeting cards to send to people. And often she looks up the meaning of their name. Every name has a meaning.

We often think our Christmas story begins in the gospels but we overlook the beginning was as far back as Genesis. There is a prophesy of the birth of Christ in Genesis 3:15. But even more interesting is the prophesy that is hidden in the fore fathers of Noah. It is all contained in the meaning of the names in Genesis five.

The family names were important. Luke follows 40 generations of Joseph and Mary back to kings and royalty. Matthew, he follows the genealogy of Joseph and Mary back 25 generations of priests. You see Luke thinks the kingship of Jesus is in his fore fathers and Matthew sees the priesthood upon Jesus as tied to his family. Both were correct.

We have family that we are born to. We have family we choose. I choose to be of the family of Jesus Christ and this family at SCCC. While I miss our families far away, we will celebrate with these people the birth of a Saviour!

You can listen to these messages @;

Blessings, Pastor Chuck. Next Sunday, “The Overshadowing Presence of God”

Financial reports for November are available. Email the office for your copy.

In other news: We will be open for public worship services Sunday. STRICT regulations are being kept regarding facemasks. Service will also be LIVE on Facebook. You do not need an account. But as San Carlos is growing and it adds more demand on the available wifi service providers, it affects the upload of our video feed. If the “live” feed you are receiving is interrupted we encourage you to please return and go the page and bring up “Videos” and you will find the recorded video for each Sunday.

Happenin’ this week @ SCCC

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8, come pray with Pastor Chuck at the church.
Wed @ 9:00 am – Mountain Mover’s Prayer @ the church or contact for a link to the meeting     

Wed @ 1:30 Bible study. The book of Revelations. We will watch a video and ask how accurate it is to the book as we understand the prophesy. Email us for video links.                                                                        
Thur @ 8:30 am – Men’s Breakfast, Devotional & Prayer @ Tortuga’s
Fri @ 5:00 pm – Youth Ministry contact Pastor Mayra for the youth event information
Sun @ 9:00 am – Children’s Ministry



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