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Monday evening my wife and I were driving home from an evening out visiting some friends (pizza over a fire, in a home made oven) and we had to wonder why all the people were still in town. As we past one parking lot, it was full of cars and people were dancing and playing tunes on their very expensive car audio systems. It rather reminded us of Cruise Nights in Winnipeg Manitoba. What was going on? It must be a holiday we didn’t know about!

Revolution Day November 20, 1910. It was the overthrow of an elected president who soon became a dictator. The revolution lasted for a decade. It was not an easy turn over and cost so many lives. Most of us reading this article know little of this revolution except the name of Pancho Villa. We have missed the true stories of the Mexicans who struggled for freedom and prosperity. Lives spent and gone for those who would be the generations after them.

Similarly, we have Remembrance Day in Canada, and Veteran’s Day in USA. Lives have been spent for the generations to follow that they may prosper and have freedom. Sometimes we just need to remember and honour those before us. Our lives have been built on someone else’s shoulders.

We each think our sources of life are laid out before us. We often are so deceived. We actually choose them. These sources can be good or bad. But we don’t by plan, draw from bad sources, yet we may do that only as we don’t recognize the dangerous resource we have.

Have you ever met someone who is just no fun to visit and be with? Of course, it is not you but that other guy! And then as time passes you see they are really bitter and it just seems to leak out everywhere. If it is us, we always seem to have the best reason for why we are this way. In our thinking we should be excused, if people knew what we suffered.

This Sunday we examined three Bible characters. And only one seemed to acknowledge that they were bitter. Bitterness can ruin a person and even a community or family. Even now you can think of some example of that.

Some people stay bitter as they live out their past again over and over. It is a bad source to draw life from. Some people draw from other people as their friends. And if those people are unhealthy, then the nourishment for your soul bears that fruit. You have heard, birds of a feather flock together. And so you become like the people you spend time with. If they are bitter, it feeds into you.

Then we looked at ways to ‘cure’ yourself of unhealthy nourishment. Well I won’t rewrite my Sunday message here. But if you wish you can pick it up on Facebook or the audio on our website. If you asked, I would share my notes with you, but it isn’t exactly the same as what I said on Sunday.

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Blessings, Pastor Chuck. Next Sunday, “Church in a Trap”


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