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Good morning. I hope my Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving celebration! I see pictures of leaves changing colour already. Some of you who have been away for two winters are in for a surprise. I cannot believe how much S.C. has grown in these last two years! There is so much construction here. Homes are popping up on so many lots. The town is changing.

At church I see a few couples that have returned from the north and I expect in the next couple of weeks many more. Dolly walked up to me Sunday and told me how happy she was to be back. In her usual way she said she walked out to the highway and hitch hiked here! I almost believe her.

We also have people who have discovered SCCC for the first season and seem to be making it their home. New faces and new homes in an old town. But I am waiting to see some old faces! Maybe I shouldn’t say it that way at SCCC but it is just that.

In my few weeks away I have been watching the crazy world carrying on like a circus. I think it is true that the world spins on a tilt! Many people are asking questions about the future and that includes myself. Of course one question I get asked is, “Are these the end times?” Yes they are. The end times started centuries ago and continue to the end. Watch the signs. Some have written to me and questioned me from the book of Revelation. So this November I am starting a study from that book.

The format however will be different. We will watch a movie clip, for example only, “Late great planet Earth” and then discus, from the Bible, is it biblical or someone stuffing their views into Scripture. My hope is that it will cause people to research some on their own and not just take the views of another.

Mayra spoke this Sunday from Micah 6:8 about walking with God. My observation of her is that she is well qualified to speak on that. Does your life give evidence of a person who is living a life with God in ‘hand.’ Can people see that you are with Him?

She used many biblical examples of people who set the standard for us. But am I setting the standard for others? Galatians2:20 is key for this to happen. Have I been crucified with Christ? The life I now live, is it in Christ. Perhaps a term we should examine sometime? How about saying it like this. Do people see that I am a Christ follower by my lifestyle and my actions or do they just see my appetites being fulfilled?

Oh I ask too many questions! It is best just to go on line and see the video on facebook or our website and hear the audio.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck. Next Sunday, I am back with a message “The Hope of Nations.”

In other news:

I spoke with Jesse N the other day. He and Jenny are getting better. But it will probably be a few more weeks before they are well enough to return. Bob B is doing well. He is reorganizing his life and preparing for the future changes that will happen. Chuck W is up and about too. So please remember to pray for them and there are many others too.

We will be open for public worship services Sunday. Service will also be LIVE on Facebook. You do not need an account. But as San Carlos is growing and it adds more demand on the available wifi service providers, it affects the upload of our video feed. If the “live” feed you are receiving is interrupted we encourage you to please return and go the page and bring up “Videos” and you will find the recorded video for each Sunday.

You can listen to these messages @;

Financial reports for September are available. Email me and I will forward you the PDF statements if you wish.

Opportunities to Pray:   Jesse & Jenny N., Moses, Chuck & Jean W.

Happenin’ this week @ SCCC
Wed @ 9:00 am – Mountain Mover’s Prayer @ the church or contact for a link to the meeting                                                                                  
Thur @ 8:30 am – Men’s Breakfast, Devotional & Prayer @ Tortuga’s
Fri @ 5:00 pm – Youth Ministry contact Pastor Mayra for the youth event information
Sun @ 9:00 am – Children’s Ministry





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