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Having a good day! I got caught this Sunday, with the not knowing who someone was. I didn’t recognize the half face I was permitted to see. So I asked if this was their first time? “No it is me, Jackie. We are here to help Maggie for a week.” And she withdrew the mask and of course I recognized her. She was trailed by four handsome dark haired young men and another lady. They all came down from Michigan to volunteer at the orphanage. It just restores faith that young college age people are willing to go to such trouble and expense to give of themselves.

In the last two Sundays I have seen two couples return from USA for the on coming winter. Our church is returning. It is a delight to reacquaint with friends. It is a bit like a family reunion. Now pass the coffee, pie and donuts!

This coming Saturday, there is a memorial service for Bob Marks who is the father of Bethany B. Bob passed away in Tucson after some health issues. The service is held at one of their ministry houses where Bob had put in a lot of time to make ready for youth before he took sick. For more information contact Bethany or Brandon.

Lynn and I took the quad out for a ride this past week. We travelled on some trails and roads I normally wouldn’t take the car. We were amazed at the amount of construction and new home being built. And these are not little 500 square foot places, these are large structures. And again, more condo developments are going up in town. The face of SC has changed in our two years here. Who is building all these houses? What needs do they have and where are they from?

As the face and demographics of SC changes, I suppose SCCC needs to take a look and see how to meet them. The best practice is to go to them. Be friend a new comer to town and make them welcome to the community. I think we have a challenge coming our way!

This Sunday Denver Janz spoke from Exodus 32. He challenged us with what was most important to us? What idols do we have? I bet you don’t have one sitting on your corner table but maybe in your garage or in your head? He spoke of how the Lord is wanting us to hold him in number one place in our lives. It is not too hard to do. Questions come to mind. If we looked in your financial affairs what priorities do we see in your spending? Oh, that wasn’t fair! Or what do you focus your time on? Yep, you don’t like me now!

You can listen to these messages @;

And we want to thank Ryan T for fixing the website There was four pages down and one was the giving and another was this audio page. Then yesterday I saw Ryan all dirty and sweaty. He had crawled up in the attic of the old church to fix a cable that some critter had chewed through. What a guy! Thanks Ryan.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck. Next Sunday, you can expect to be challenged by Pastor Mayra. She lives in the Word of God and has a view we often miss.

In other news:

We will be open for public worship services Sunday. STRICT regulations are being kept regarding facemasks, and hand sanitizer. Service will also be LIVE on Facebook. You do not need an account. But as San Carlos is growing and it adds more demand on the available wifi service providers, it affects the upload of our video feed. If the “live” feed you are receiving is interrupted we encourage you to please return and go the page and bring up “Videos” and you will find the recorded video for each Sunday.

Opportunities to Pray:   Jesse & Jenny N., Moses., Ethel, Chuck & Jean.

Happenin’ this week @ SCCC
Wed @ 9:00 am – Mountain Mover’s Prayer @ the church or contact for a link to the meeting                                                                                  
Thur @ 8:30 am – Men’s Breakfast, Devotional & Prayer @ Tortuga’s
Fri @ 5:00 pm – Youth Ministry contact Pastor Mayra for the youth event information
Sun @ 9:00 am – Children’s Ministry





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