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It is a good Day; Hey it is this evening, Potluck Dinner Dec 7 @ 5:30 pm.

And did you notice the new pots on the church veranda? Thank you to Mark K and Dave C for their work. Also some landscaping in the parking lot by Stephen M.  This past Sunday was Cookie Sunday and the people who served were so grateful for the abundance of cookies that came. Thank you to everyone for bringing the cookies. Myself I received sourdough cookies with bacon chips! Now we are talking original cookies!

This past Saturday some people from our church joined me at the Farmers Market in the outdoor patio near Tortugas Restaurant. I was so blessed by their participation. I only expected two people who said they would join me and had six. They were so helpful in just engaging people in conversation, sharing about the church and giving away Bibles. We gave away soooo many Bibles. The market was crazy busy and I would have had so much less impact if it had not been for the help. Next Saturday I will be back at the usual Rescate lot for the market there. What is it about? While other vendors are supplementing their living by selling products, I am just using my craft to engage people that I may share with them about the church and give them a Bible. It is street ministry in a relaxed mode!

If you look further down the calendar we have a lot coming up this next couple of months. (further down)

Howard D is still in the hospital in serious condition. Some days he is alert and some days seem like back steps. They are really struggling to get him to move forward in his recovery. It is urgent that we pray for him. Pray also for Susan to have peace and be strong. She must be under a lot of pressure.

Also pray for Brenda K, who is recovering as an out patient in a home in Tucson with friends. Casa de Esperanza continues without her, but I don’t know how! And they will be filling backpacks for children with school supplies and a small Christmas gift. We will be filling the backpacks December 12 at 9 a.m. on the church veranda. My experience from previous years Is that the work goes very quickly and does not take long.

Sunday, we looked at a man from our Christmas story we don’t read much of. But there is one statement that I would hope could be applied to us all. And I think this is why God choose him. Matthew 1:19 says of Joseph, “being a just man.” That is a short statement and a telling one. It speaks of his character. Then in verse 24 we find he was obedient to follow the instructions of the Lord. At that would have been costly. Costly to their reputations and I am sure the cause of a lot of town gossip.

My challenge is can this be said of us? That we are a ‘just’ people that are obedient to the words of the Lord and not fearful of the cost. So many of us do step back into the shadows because we are afraid of what people will say of us. And then I think of others and their actions and wish they would consider what people are saying! But the good point is will you be obedient to the Lord despite the cost of reputation.

How do we respond? In short what I saw of Joseph is that he knew the quote of the Lord from the book Isaiah. He also was a man of faith who valued his relationship with God more than his reputation. And in spite of cost he was going to be obedient and follow the direction of God. He was a “just” man. We can be too.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.  Next Sunday, we will look at a woman named Mary.

You can listen to Sunday messages the SCCC website You can listen to these messages @;

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Special Events

Potluck Dinner Dec 7 5:30 pm.

Filling the backpacks December 12 at 9 a.m. on the church veranda.

Monday @ the Movies Night Dec 19 at 6 pm. “Why the Nativity?”

Children & Youth Presentation Dec 18@ 9 a.m.

Christmas Service Sunday Dec 25 @ 9 a.m.

Midweek Bible study Jan 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Mark Mulligan Thursday Jan 12 at 6 p.m.

Monday @ the Movies Night Jan 23 at 6 p.m.

Missions Fest Jan 29 after worship service.


2 & 4th Sunday each month, Cookie Sunday (Effective 2023)

1st Sunday each month, Celebration of the Lord’s Table.

Every Wednesday @ 9 a.m. – Ladies Mountain Mover’s Prayer.

Every Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Men’s Bible study, prayer and breakfast at Tortuga’s. First time is free! Come on gentlemen.

Every Friday @ 5 p.m. – Youth Ministry

Every Sunday @ 9 a.m. –Children’s Church with Pastor Mayra; Bi lingual.

Grief Share begins Monday January 23 at 2:22 p.m..

You can contact the church by email for more information about these events at

We will be open for public worship services Sunday. Service will also be LIVE on Facebook. You do not need an account. If the “live” feed you are receiving is interrupted we encourage you to please return and go the page and bring up “Videos” and you will find the recorded video for each Sunday.

Right Now Media. Is ready! SCCC has taken a one year membership with Rightnow Media. We are offering this resource to SCCC. I love using Rightnow Media and am very excited that you will be able to have this material resource too! It contains biblical educational videos that have accompanying study books that compliment the video, these can be used for group study or personal study. The studies available are of books of the Bible and also some that are topical. There are resources for adults, men, women, teens and videos teaching for children. I also found ‘conference’ videos that you can take advantage of. In all there are 20,000 videos available. That is a lot of education and inspiration material. The purpose of SCCC in offering this to you is to give you the resources to explore your faith and grow in Christian maturity.

This membership provides for us material in English and Spanish, so it suits our church community very well. Please take advantage of this material and let us know what you think.







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