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  • Youth, potlucks and a movie.

    It is a good Day; 107f in the shade on my veranda yesterday at 2 pm. I think that is the hottest day I have experienced. But it didn’t seem really too bad. I must be getting use to it here. Enough of that. Lynn and I had the privilege of hosting our church youth… (read more…)

  • Wow, from so far away!

    It is a good Day; I feel like Dorothy of the old movie “Wizard of Oz.” She repeated, “There is no place like home.” It was refreshing to see the green grass of southern Ontario and visit family. However, the culture there is rapidly changing and disturbing. It was a short time away and the return… (read more…)

  • Delays and then late!

    It is a good Day; So my letter is a little late today. We were traveling and the plans went to a disaster. There were so many delays and more delays. We sit in an airport and the weather takes control of the flights. So, we sit and wait and live with the delays. Patience… (read more…)

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