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Good Morning Church Family,

* Semana Santa is over for another year. Lots of people, lots of noise and lots of traffic, some good, some not so good stuff. Three generations of families together making memories at the beach. Others making memories they may not remember!

 * But for our folks at SCCC, we had a phenomenal week, a week of seeing the Lord at work in people’s lives:

  1. Tuesday and Wed – Mayra’s dreams and plans came together with the Semana Santa Kid’s event. It was a hoot to watch the kids on the “exalton” (obstacle) course that the guys put together. And the kids were still playing on the equipment on Sunday after service. I’m thrilled to see our church family’s desire to see children ministered to. CEC’s students were involved in the Easter week teaching and Matt had 15 of his youth helping out at the event. The kitchen brigade was on their game as well and served up some amazing lunches for the kids. I believe there were 54 kids the first day and a number more the next day. Hat’s off to all who helped make the day a great success.
  2. Good Friday and the debut of our Louisiana Bible teacher – Scott Clement. What a great job he did of teaching on the Cross, particularly helping us deal with the dichotomy we wrestle with between God’s love and grace and His justice and holiness. Thanks Scott.

         So grateful to Karen Ruddock and her team for always having the communion prepared for our monthly time of remembrance. We so appreciate yours, Ruthanne and Kathy’s help in this. Thanks for being so faithful.  

  1. Sunday, the church was almost full, balcony and all, amazing considering how many people have headed North for their summer “vacation”. Its always a treat to welcome a number of guests on Easter Sunday and it was no exception on Sunday. And the Lord was at work here as well. One gentleman shared with me after the service that he had made a decision to follow Christ as a result of the message. I was thrilled that he came to share about his new commitment. I pray there were others who may have shared a similar story with you!
  2. And the final piece that I would share with you regarding last week was your resounding response to our special mission offering. During the two week appeal, you responded with just over 28,000 USD, which along with the very generous matching gift will bring us to a total of 48,000 USD. Your hearts to not only see, but to have a tangible part in the ongoing work the Lord is doing through our church and through the missionaries we support is a huge testimony. Thank you to each and every one of you. Your giving is incredible, but the heart and motivation behind your giving is what moves me. I pray that SCCC’s dream and vision to influence those around us for Christ will only continue to grow. 

* Outreach Pancake Breakfast – Sat, April 14 – Each of the children at the Semana Santa event were given invitations to invite their families to this outreach breakfast. Our hope is to see youth, kids and families come and share in this breakfast, and through this event to encourage the continuing growth of the wed evening service, along with the youth and children’s ministries. These three ministries of our church continue to cross pollinate in such a healthy way. So grateful for Ed Hudson and the vision he has to influence the Hispanic folks in our community. 

* From Gabriela and the Gaymas women’s Prison Ministry Team: Every year the prison organizes a celebration for children and mother´s day. This year it will be held on Sunday, April 29. Gifts of toys, cakes for the children and little gifts for the mothers would be greatly appreciated. All donations must be received by Sunday, April 22. 

* Maggie’s Beach Event – this Saturday – meet Maggie’s kids at San Francisco Beach at their biannual camp out. More details to follow, but there will also be a fund raising event at Colibri’s the following Saturday, with different entertainers and Maggie’s kids singing as well (April 14 @ Colibri’s from 11:00 – 2:00 PM) 

* Heard some great reviews from last night’s movie at the church (The Climb). Five of my neighbors went to see it and one shared with me this afternoon how much he had enjoyed the story and the positive nature of the movie. Thanks Catherine and team! 

* Prayer – go to 

            Missionary of the Week: Brian & Clarissa Krahn (Ancla de Amor) 

            Deacon of the Week: David Campbell (Maintenance / Finance)

* We are all people who long for hope in various areas of our lives. Last Sunday, we observed two precious truths which can be ours as a result of Easter. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we have the hope of a fresh start in whatever area we find ourselves challenged in, but beyond that, we also have the hope of eternal life. Jesus wonderful gift to us is a gift that lasts beyond this life into all eternity and both of these truths can be appropriated by anyone who desires to have that personal experience with Jesus. Thanks for praying with us that the Lord will continue to draw many more to himself through the ministries of SCCC.

Praying you all have a great week,

Glenn & Jeannine

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