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Good Day to You. She wrote to me after a Sunday service, thanking me for a song I played as a sermon illustration, from the movie, “Jesus Christ Superstar.” And so the conversation started. Then I thought about how to brighten her day and the day for the girls she keeps. She is a house mother for four teenage girls. It must be fun, she doesn’t speak a lot of Spanish and the girls don’t speak a lot of English.

I suggested a visit and I would teach the girls how to make copper bracelets. Perhaps it would relieve some of their boredom. I loaded my car with the necessary tools etc. and Lynn and I went to visit ‘the girls.’ They were stand offish. Why do I have that affect? They didn’t know what to do with me. I turned to a Bible story to teach them about the struggles of Job and how it all turned out for him in the end. Life can have some really bad times, but stay pure before the Lord.

Then we started to make the bracelets. Soon the girls were cooking copper and hammering metal. We made five. One for the house “mother’ and then for the four girls. It was really fun. In the end they were very pleased with the creations of copper bracelets. What did they learn? “Ugly things can become beautiful.” Out of fire and hammering can come a beautiful thing.

I noticed a TV bracket on the wall but no TV. Can you imagine being house bound with four teenage girls and the language barrier too. An American woman caring for four teenage girls and not too much to do!? So what’s with the TV. Well it is broken.

I made a post on my facebook page and a Canadian biker from Bondslave Motorcycle Club stepped up to pay for a new TV. I had the joy of hugs when we delivered the TV and it came up with 26 channels and many apps. Thanks biker brother, I got the hugs.

But here is the point I want you to know. Pray and tell the Lord you want to be available. And listen and watch for the RIGHT opportunity. And then grasp it to the end. Pastor Mayra preached this Sunday on the “Importance of Prayer.” Prayer is vital to our relationship with God. Yet we are often slack and slip away from praying. She encouraged us from the Bible that we needed to be constant in prayer. Speaking to God and listening for his leading is the life blood of being who we are as his people. Are you listening? The most important part of our prayer life is being tuned in.

I heard from the “house mother” the need God was presenting. A Canadian biker heard from God and now you, just listen. He is wanting to move his people to be mobile in service. Opportunities are abundant!

I really hope you understand, this is a story about what God will do as you pray and just present yourself to be his instrument.

Blessings, Pastor Chuck.

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