The Compassion of Jesus

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When we walk through difficult times we need all the compassion and comfort we can get.   Reading John 11 – the story of Lazarus dying and being brought back to life shows us so much about the compassion of God.

Jesus wept.  Even though he knew Lazarus would live again, as both God and man he experienced this great compassion.  I love the fact that the Bible records that Jesus wept!  It shows us a picture of our God as he is to us, compasssionate.   Also, I find so much strength in what the Jews said about Jesus at that moment: “See how he loved him!”  To everyone watching the compassion and love of God came flowing forth.

Wow, “thank you Lord for showing us how much you love and care for us.  Thank you for being the compassionate God that you are who ministers compassion to us.”  Amen

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