Wading Into Your Darkest Pain

Chuck Sheridan Avatar

Most of us have some pain in our lives that we would just as soon forget or wish that it had never happened.  For some of us that pain maybe almost unbearable and to think of revisiting it brings a nausiousness to our stomachs.  Yet that pain hangs like a cloud over our souls day after day, a deep sadness, pushing down like a weight of unbearable portion.   Does this describe something inside of you? 

Do you know that God is right in the middle of your pain?  He never lets you go it alone and when you understand His presence with you in absolutely everything, even in the darkest of places His presence prevails. 

Do you need to do some darkness wading, cry out to God to hold your hand and ask Him to do the leading.  His grace will see you through and He will never let you go!

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