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It is a good Day; “Corrie Remembers” was a one-lady stage production with just a few pieces of furniture on the platform. Susan Sandager plays the part of Corrie ten Boom and tells the story of growing up in Holand over her grandfather’s clock repair shop that became a family business. She then goes on to the early days of the Nazi’s propaganda and arresting of the Jews in Holland. Then about her family’s arrest for helping the Jews. Finally, ending up deep in Germany and living in a concentration camp. But her story goes on about forgiveness and her faith that kept her free of hatred and gave her the ability to forgive. What an amazing story. And you missed it? May I suggest reading the book, “The Hiding Place.”

Sunday, she returned, and ‘Corrie’ came and spoke a message that was given by Corrie ten Boom in October 1972 in California. It was a short introduction about the past but centered on the forgiveness she learned to give for the crimes against her and others. She finished with an offer to live in forgiveness and accept Christ as the Lord of mercy and grace. This is available on FB add YouTube if you wish to watch it on our church channel.

The annual Fish Fry is a benefit for the Benevolence Fund. It was so good. There was more fish than we could all eat and so the extra went to CEC, just next door. Thank you to Art and Brenda and the team they brought along in an actual bus! What did you miss out on? Oh, there were fish and side dishes and excellent cake. Then there was the fellowship. I think Brooks made the mistake of asking me how I ended up in San Carlos and then I went into story mode. Sorry, Brooks. What I enjoyed most were the people. As of the moment, I do not know the amount of funds raised for the Benevolence.

This past weekend Pastor Mayra took nine of our youth to a weekend event in Santa Anna. I have only spoken to her on the phone and look forward to more stories from her. She told me it was all funded by the fundraiser events that they did. That all went as planned and she is exhausted and very satisfied with the impact of the event on our youth. Thank you SCCC for supporting our youth.

Coming up this Sunday you can expect to hear about the ministry of Mark and Patricia as they venture into new territories of Mexico to reach children and their families for Jesus. They have a short ten-minute presentation.

 Also, it is Cookie Sunday. Bring cookies! This is a time of fellowship on the church veranda after the worship service.

Coming up is a baptism. One of our young ladies has expressed she has never been baptized and wishes to express her faith by baptism. So put April 7 on your calendar and be ready to witness her expression of faith and obedience in baptism. Weather permitting, this will be in the ocean at San Francisco Beach.

Sunday, we had a message from “Corrie ten Boom” entitled The Door of Repentance. It was very moving and not about the need of others to repent of their sin against her and her family, but about her own need of repentance from herself-centered wants. Something we can all slide into. If you missed it, you can pick up the video and watch it on San Carlos Community Church You Tube or the FB page. On the FB page you look for “Videos” and then scroll to the date. There is something there we all need to learn.

Blessings, Chuck. Next Sunday, we enter the Easter season. I am going to speak about Jesus and his choice of Judas as a disciple of his. Why chose him?

This is only a small, short summary of what was spoken this past Sunday, and without writing the whole of the Sunday script for you here, you can hear the full service on our FB page under the icon “Videos.” Also, our worship services are now available “live” on YouTube. Please subscribe and “Like” our channel, as it pushes the visibility of our channel up.


1st Sunday of each month, Celebration of the Lord’s Table.

2nd & 4th Sunday each month, Cookie Sunday

3rd each month, Monday Night at the Movies at 6 pm.

Every Wednesday @ 9 a.m. – Ladies Mountain Mover’s Prayer.

Thursday @ 8:30 a.m. – Men’s Bible study. The first time is free! Come on gentlemen.

Every Friday @ 5 p.m. – Youth Ministry

Every Sunday @ 9 a.m. – Children’s Church with Pastor Mayra; Bilingual.

For the rest of the story, you can follow us on the website and hear the audio or watch the entire service or part of it on our facebook page. https://web.facebook.com/pg/sancarloscommunitychurch/videos/

Also, our worship services are now available “live” on YouTube. Please subscribe and “Like” our channel, as it pushes the visibility of our channel up. Here is the link.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft9yXcPYmvQ

You can contact the church by email for more information about these events at office@sancarloscommunitychurch.com

RightNow Media. Is ready! SCCC has taken a one-year membership with RightNow Media. We are offering this resource to SCCC. I love using RightNow Media and am very excited that you will be able to have this material resource too! It contains biblical educational videos that have accompanying study books that complement the video, these can be used for group study or personal study. The studies available are of books of the Bible and also some that are topical. There are resources for adults, men, women, and teens, and videos teaching for children. I also found ‘conference’ videos that you can take advantage of. In all, there are 20,000 videos available. That is a lot of educational and inspirational material. The purpose of SCCC in offering this to you is to give you the resources to explore your faith and grow in Christian maturity.

This membership provides us with material in English and Spanish, so it suits our church community very well. Please take advantage of this material and let us know what you think.

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