When Life Falls Apart?

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What do you do when life falls apart?  How do you perservere with God when suddenly your husband leaves you  or your wife tells you she doesn’t love you anymore?  When you wake up one day after planning for years to retire and you are told you have cancer and need radical treatment, how do you respond?

Maybe its time for the great hand-off.  Do you know what I mean?  Jesus tells the disciples in the Sermon On the Mount, “Stop worrying about all this life stuff and seek the Kingdom of God first and all this other stuff will be taken care of by my Father.  Why, because He loves you and you belong to Him and He always takes care of His children.”   (Paraphrased from Matthew 6:19-33)

When life is running away with you stop and ask yourself, “What am I seeking?”  “Am I in this to please myself or to please God?”  Life may get difficult, but God is bigger than your difficulty and more than able to help you in your troubles. 

Read Psalm 121 – for the answer to where your help comes from. 

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