“Women Elder” Discussions

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Hello SCCC Family,  

I trust this note finds you all doing well. What follows is information related to upcoming discussions about women serving in the role of “elder” at San Carlos Community Church. Please take the time to read this introduction prior to reviewing the articles we’ve placed on our church “one drive” for you to consider.      

              Last January, as we prepared for the Annual General Meeting, we asked the congregation to participate in elder nominations. At that time, two names of ladies were put forth for nomination. While our constitution does not prohibit women in eldership, our practice has certainly not been to install women elders. As we discussed this amongst leadership (both elders and deacons), we concluded that rather than forcing the issue, we would rather include the entire body in the decision to either change our practice or to leave it as it is.
              We found that there are a variety of opinions on this subject and some strong feelings in both camps when it comes to this issue. Yet, we also realize, that this is not a “salvation based” issue. In other words, our salvation is not in jeopardy based on believing either side of this debate. Yet there are strong Bible based arguments in both camps and both camps are clearly evangelical in their beliefs. So our goal is not to force an issue, but rather to give you the opportunity to read Bible based presentations from both sides. The leadership (elders & deacons) will discuss this issue in Nov / Dec of 2018 and from there, we hope to have a special congregational meeting to further discuss the issue. At that point, based on your input, we will determine next steps for San Carlos Community Church.
              But please understand, we have no desire to see this become a contentious issue which divides our church body. The Lord is doing an incredible work in our midst, we are seeing people consider Christ, seeing people make Jesus their Lord and Savior, we saw four Seniors baptized in April – I have never been in a church that has seen that kind of desire for Christ. With all that is in me, I am unwilling to engage in a contentious battle to make this kind of a change, especially when it is not a “salvation related” matter. God has given us favor with the lost and we are seeing lives changed. So I confess, I would be devastated to see us engage in a battle over a distinctive based, denominational belief.
              We have searched out and put together a number of documents, both pro and con for women elders/leaders in church leadership and we ask that you read them and consider the thoughts of either camp. I know personally, as I read through them, I was quick to jump on the bandwagon I like best! And you will too. So I ask you to read them, without your denominational bias in mind.  Read both sides. One other caution, I would add is be careful of documents which seek only to rip apart the arguments of the other camp rather than building an argument from the Scriptures and church history.
              Let’s not make changes just for the sake of making changes! Let’s not make changes to be more modern and cutting edge. But on the other hand, if the Lord would show us that a change could be beneficial for our church leadership and the future health of the church and if that change follows good hermeneutical practices (Scriptural guidelines), than let’s discuss what God would have us to do!
              If you click on this link, CLICK HERE , you will be redirected to these documents for your reading pleasure. Please take the time to read as many are you are able and to consider what both sides have to say. Thank you for participating. Thank you for being open to what the Lord may have for us. Thank you for caring for the future of San Carlos Community Church.
Pastor Glenn
(on behalf of the leadership of SCCC)

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